Friday, 30 August 2013

What I've Bought: Superdrug

You didn't think I'd just done one tiny bit of shopping on my spending ban did you?  Of course I didn't!  Four weeks with no internet is a long time to be bored, and what solves boredom?  A trip to Superdrug after work. 

Here is what I bought!  I've been having a bit of problem skin lately.  I have oily, combination skin which is prone to break outs.  I was doing really well with my skin, but the last week or so has been a bit rubbish, so I cheered myself up with skin care products.

I've actually got a couple of repurchases in there, which I will talk about first.  My first repurchase is the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water which you may have seen me talk about in my July Favourites post.  I really like this.  It is so easy to remove even the most stubborn make up, and just generally makes my skin feel refreshed and ready to go!  I mainly use this in the evening, and I definitely recommend it for you to try!

My second repurchase is the Garnier Pure Active Intensive Anti Spot 24 hour Moisturiser.  This worked really well for me last time I used it, and I'm hoping it wasn't just a fluke!  It claims that you can see results from day one, which I think is a bit exaggerated as I haven't seen anything just yet.  But it is a nice product to use for us oily skinned ladies, or men in fact.  It helps to fight spots, mattify the skin as well as moisturise and I will probably be repurchasing to help keep my skin in check!

The second moisturiser that I've bought on this shopping trip is a new one, and I was really excited to use it.  I have to admit, I've not been disappointed.  It's another Garnier one and it is the Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser.  I actually think that I prefer this one to the Pure Active Intensive for keeping shine away.  I've tried anti shine moisturisers before and I've found that they always leave a kind of powdery feel, or something but this one feels like a nice velvety moisturiser that really does control shine amazingly well.  I will carry on testing as I've only used it a few times, but I feel like I will be repurchasing!

I also purchased two pieces from the Neutrogena Visibly Clear range; the two in one facial cleanser and mask and the Spot Stress Control cleanser, which is the green liquid.  I really like both of these, they are the type of cleansers that you can feel working on you.  When you take it off, your face feels almost cold because it's tingly and refreshed - I love personally love that feeling because I really feel like the cleanser has gone right in and is sorting me out!
Have you tried any of my purchases?  What are your tricks for keeping skin looking and feeling great?


  1. I love those garnier products!


  2. ooh sounds good, I love the moisturizer products like this, so simple and easy to use

    ordaining serendipity

  3. I love skin care, this is a great post :)

    holly xxx