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My name is Carly, I'm twenty three and I'm the beauty junkie/closet hoarder/design lover that runs CEE JAY ELL.  I'm not remotely a beauty expert and probably don't have much beauty knowledge at all, but so what!  I like beauty a lot, love trying new things and experimenting - I may not blend to perfection, and more often than not I apply eyeshadow with my fingers - but beauty doesn't have to mean conformity!  Grab yourself a drink (a lot of people may recommend tea, but go crazy and grab anything!) and have a browse of CEE JAY ELL!

I started this blog when I finished University in 2013; I was working seven days a week and felt like all I did was work - well, that is exactly what I was doing!  Before this, I didn't have any hobbies, and blogging filled that empty space!  I now use CEE JAY ELL as a way to document the things that I love, the things that I want and the things that I need.  I will also cover the things that I didn't love so much, because I'm a firm believer in honest reviews regardless.

On CEE JAY ELL is my personal thought journal and I aim to cover all things beauty, fashion and design related and I hope you enjoy what you are reading!

If there's anything you'd particularly like to see, or think that I need to see, get in touch and don't forget to leave your links!

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