Wednesday, 26 March 2014

MAC See Sheer Lipstick

If you are looking for the perfect Spring/Summer lipstick...look no further, for I have found the one.  It comes in the form of MAC See Sheer, the newest lipstick to my small MAC collection.

MAC See Sheer Review Swatches

I have had a voucher burning a hole in my purse since Christmas.  It was my Debenhams Beauty Club voucher, and I had £15 to spend - just the amount for a MAC lipstick.  Coincidence?  On their Mega Week (I used to work at Debenhams, I don't know if people outside of Debenhams call it Mega Week, but the discount across the whole store for a week when you work in Debenhams is called Mega Week and it's an all hands on deck week...anyway...) I stocked up on a few bits with my standard money, and treated myself to my third MAC lipstick with my Beauty Rewards!

MAC See Sheer Review Swatches

I chose See Sheer, which is described as a grapefruit pink.  I think it is a perfect balance of red and orange, and seems to have a touch of brown in the bullet, but it really is so nice once applied.  See Sheer is a lustre finish, so it doesn't have a massively long wear time, and it is quite sheer, as the name suggests.  But at the same time, this colour is easily buildable so you can get a more peachy pink punch to your lips if you wanted.  It's ridiculously easy to apply, especially on the go.  Because of the lustre finish, it's not as essential to use a mirror, so just crack it out and get going.  The above photo on the lips is applied quite liberally, and the photo below shows the lipstick blotted.  If you compare the below photo to my lips in yesterdays post, you'll really see the difference as it looks very sheer below!

MAC See Sheer Review Swatches

I have been reaching for this alot recently, and wearing it both through the day and in the evening.  It's the perfect shade for Spring and when it's on, it's really moisturising on the lips and the finish has just the right amount of shine - not too shiny, but not too matte yet you definitely know it's there.  One thing I did find though, was when this shade had worn off, it did leave my lips a little dry which is unusual as I have another lustre lipstick and that shade doesn't do that to me...maybe I was just having off day!

I actually won a MAC lipstick this week, amongst some other goodies too so expect another MAC lipstick review up soon!

What is your go to lip product?  Do you have a favourite shade from any brand I need to try?

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