Monday, 7 April 2014

Outfit Planning #2: Salone Satellite, Milan

On Saturday, I'm jetting off to Milan for the day!  I'm actually going to the Milan Furniture Fair, specifically for the Salone Satellite where lots of New Designers are showcasing their newest works and prototypes.  I'm really excited to be attending for the second time, even if it is only for a day!  The Milan Furniture Fair is world famous, and is one of the biggest design fairs in the world, if not the biggest and one of the main design events to attend.  It is ridiculously huge, and there is no way I'll be able to see it all in a day, but I'll sure be giving it my best!

I have been thinking about what to wear for a while, and I think I've finally settled on something that will be comfortable, but still nice enough to feel confident wearing.  I will be awake and travelling for around twenty eight hours, so definitely want my clothes to be easy wearing.


I will be opting for my most comfortable jeans from River Island, and these are the Light Wash Lana Superskinny Jeans.  Because of my bottom heavy shape, I find trousers in general really difficult to feel comfortable in, but these high waisted ones are perfect for my shape and fit amazingly!  In fact, they might even be getting a little too big now I'm going for it at the gym!  Hurrah!

I finally spent my Christmas New Look gift voucher last week, and one of the pieces I bought was the Neon Green Batwing Slouch Sweater.  I really, really love this.  It's a bit heavy and it's shorter in the front than it is in the back, so it's nicer to wear with my high waisted jeans.  I'll probably be layering this up with just a plain cami underneath, and a black leather biker jacket over the top in case it is a bit cold.  I don't own anything neon, because I always worry I'd be washed out, but you know what...I don't even care, I like it, I like the colour and life is too short to worry whether my outfit compliments my skin tone.  I actually even think it looks quite nice.

I also ordered these sunglasses from H&M.  I'm completely fussy when it comes to sunglasses, because I find it hard to find a shape that suits me!  These were £5.99, and I love the tortoise shell frame with an oil slick coloured lens.  I used an online discount code for my recent order with H&M which saved me £5 and I scooped myself free delivery too, so these were a total bargain.  Because of H&M's super long delivery time, I have a feeling that these might not make it to me on time, so I might have to crack out my vintage Ray Bans.

Finally, I haven't bought these (yet) but I'm seriously considering it.  These skate shoes are the TIKA2 High Vamp Skate Shoes from Topshop and they are just £20!  I have a £10 gift card from my birthday to spend, so I might get these, but I've read the reviews and they are a small fit and I have wide feet!  They might not be the most comfortable if I'm trotting around Milan for the day.

As far as bags and what I'll be packing...I haven't a clue.  Any in flight suggestions welcome!

What do you think of my outfit?  Anything you would recommend to accompany my choices?

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