Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer

You've probably seen this all over by now, so sorry if you're sick of seeing it, but I thought it was about time I threw in my opinion on this much loved concealer by Soap and Glory.  This is the Kick Ass Concealer, which is a small compact concealer kit that comes with two different shades of concealer and a setting powder.

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Swatches Review

I'm in two minds about this.  I half love it, but half of me just uses it because it's the only concealer I have, and I'm too skint to buy a replacement just for the fun of it.  I was so excited to try this when I first got it.  I'd heard so many people banging on about how amazing it was, and to be honest, I am left a little disappointed.  I just don't think that I'm destined for concealers.  The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer everyone raved about?  Not a was way too cakey for my liking (below, swatched left).  The Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer?  Well this just might be too creamy for me (below, swatched centre and right).

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Swatches Review

I absolutely love the idea of this though...two concealers, and a setting powder in one neat, nifty little compact?  Well that's just my idea of a beauty bargain.  A three in one product, a handbag wonder, what else could you need for the day?  Let me tell'll need a bloody good blending brush.

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Swatches Review

I don't know if it's just my skin type, or if I'm just such a greasy cow that this will mostly not stay in place!  The formula is so creamy; I apply this with my finger, and when I dab my finger in the compact, it practically melts under the heat of my finger tip.  I've had this for two months now, using it daily, and I've hit pan pretty badly on the left side.  It blends nicely into my skin, and the medium shade seems a pretty nice match for my skin.  In the swatches above, I have used the Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light, and the Kick Ass Concealer in Medium.  I think the under eye concealer from KA, central, is a very close match the the LP in light.  It conceals averagely well for me - I can still see some amount of shadow under my eyes, and I don't think I have particularly bad dark circles.  I'd say it's just a natural coverage, and I think some people will prefer a higher coverage concealer.  Because it's so creamy, I often find that the concealer sits in my fine lines, or full on shifts itself where ever it fancies.

The setting powder is really fine, and actually really nice - but in all honesty, I often forget about it all together, which is probably why it shifts sometimes.  I want a concealer that I can just apply and leave to do its thing.  Something long wearing, but not cakey!  I initially applied the setting powder using the pad that it came with - don't bother, it's so sharp on the under eye area and I didn't enjoy using that at all, so I switched it for the Real Techniques Setting Brush.  It's the perfect size for a quick swirl around, and the flat brush makes it nice to gently pat the powder into place, when I remember...

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Swatches Review

And there we have it!  I feel a bit bad for being a bit negative about Soap and Glory, because I absolutely love them!  But I just don't know about this concealer on me.  I feel like it's great for a night out, or would be amazing in the colder months, but now it's getting warmer, and my skin is getting shinier, I just need something that's going to be sticking around and not moving.  If I buy another, I think I'll wait until September!

Have you tried the Kick Ass Concealer?  What's your favourite concealer?

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