Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wet n Wild Color Icon Comfort Zone Palette

Way back in December, you might remember that I took part in a spending ban which resulted in a prize swap after we'd all finished!  Luckily, my swap was with Hannah from the USA and she sent me lots of gorgeous bits, all of which I love.  One of the things I've been using practically on a daily basis is the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review Swatches

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review Swatches

The first photograph was taken way back now when I first got the palette inside in the evening with artificial light, and the ones underneath is the palette more recently taken with natural light; the shadows come in a plastic case with a flip up, clear plastic lid.  It's so difficult to get open when you first get it - America seal cosmetics like nothing I've seen before and it's a mission in itself to try and get in the thing!  It comes with a light dual ended brush, with a sparse brush on one side, and  a sponge applicator on the other.  I have used the brush actually - I find it really useful for blending my shades together, as it isn't as hard and sharp as other brushes I've had that come with palettes.  That said though, you've probably got a softer, fluffier brush which will do the job better.  I have also used the sponge applicator on its side to kind of stamp on the definer shade before blending.  I wouldn't rate the packaging or the additional brush, but it's what's inside that counts...

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review Swatches

The left side is just beautiful, by far my favourite and is the side that I have worn the most.  The shades are really earthy, natural shades with four colours; one for highlight, over the lead, in the crease and a deep chocolate with fine copper flecks for the definer.  These shades are so wearable, and look gorgeous no matter which way you layer them.  I most often just grab the second shade for the eyelid, as it's perfect for a quick wash and go.  All of the shades have a shimmer to them, which is really nice and pretty.  But, it's not often that I wear all four of the shadows together because I think it's a very dramatic evening look due to the shimmer.  I'd love a day version of this palette with some matte shades in.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review Swatches

The right side is one I've barely reached for.  I really like the shades, particularly the iridescent definer which is a gorgeous shade that reflects purples and blues, with an almost reddy undertone.  It's so difficult to capture it in a photograph, but it really is so nice.  I really ought to branch out from my neutrals and start using this side more...

All of the shades are so pigmented, really soft and are easily blendable.  The quality is amazing for a product that costs so little!  I do get a bit of creasing towards the end of the day, but it's nothing horrendous and for the price, I really don't care.  UK ladies, don't be sad because you can find the Comfort Zone palette on Amazon for £10 including postage, which is so reasonable for the quality!  I would one hundred percent buy them again if these ever run out, and I think that Walking on Eggshells might have made its way onto my wishlist...

Have you tried anything from Wet n Wild?

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