Monday, 14 April 2014

MAC Sumptuous Olive

This...this is my first ever MAC eyeshadow.  I won a giveway over on Katies' blog, SugarFixx Beauty, where I won a MAC eyeshadow and NARS blush of my choice!  I wanted an eyeshadow that wasn't the standard 'everyone has it' and thought I'd try something I might not normally go for.  So I chose Sumptuous Olive.

Sumptuous Olive is a Veluxe Pearl eyeshadow.  I had to do a bit of research into the finishes seeing as this is my first venture, but it seems Veluxe Pearl finishes are similar to Frost finishes, but are more metallic, with a pearly shimmer rather than a full on sparkly finish.

It is described as a golden khaki, which I completely agree with.  In the pan, it looks pretty standard as a khaki shade, but once applied the colours really shine through and it's like nothing I already own.  I was so pleased, because I did have a panic after choosing it that I had something similar, but you'll have to check back tomorrow to find out what that was!

Swatched heavily on my finger, the colour seems to be a lovely metallic green with a slight golden shimmer, matching what's in the pan perfectly.  Once it has all been blended out though, the khaki green fades a bit to reveal a gorgeous brown, almost copper, undertone which reflects the green in the light!  It's so, so pretty and I absolutely love it!  The below photographs show the eyeshadow at a light intensity, as I would most often wear it, but the pigmentation is great and can be easily built up to the intensity of the swatches on my hand.  I'd most likely up it to this amount of pigmentation on an evening out, and team it with a bit more of a smokey eye to make it multidimensional.  

In the day, I'd also probably take a nice brown in the crease, but I wanted to keep my swatches simple so you can see exactly what colour you'd be getting!

The only thing I was a little disappointed in was wear time; it's not really any longer lasting than any of my other eyeshadows.  It does crease a little throughout the day, but I find that it's pigmented enough to be easy to blend back out again if that does happen!  I will admit though I don't use primer on a daily basis; I really ought to start introducing  primer into my daily routine as I do wear eyeshadow quite a lot!

What do you think of Sumptuous Olive?  What's your favourite MAC eyeshadow?

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