Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Yu-Be Moisturising Cream

I have had this tiny sample for months, waiting for the perfect time to use it, and winter has been it.  This little tube is ridiculously amazing and I knew that after a tiny test that I would be repurchasing this...the time is coming, but I think I can hold out a little longer!

I actually got this in a Birchbox in April, but it has been securely in my clutches these last few weeks.  It is a pale yellow in colour, and is beautifully rich.  It has a scent similar to a Vicks chest rub or something, which I personally really don't like, but it fades almost instantly, leaving skin or lips perfectly soft and smooth!

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream is Japans top selling skin cream, and has been for almost fifty years!  The ingredients are free from artificial dyes, petroleum and fragrances, but I did spy a sneaky paraben hiding in there for those who are cautious!

I'll one hundred percent be buying this again; it is perfect for curing winter skin!  You can get it from Boots (think of those Boots points...) for £19.50, so it's not the cheapest, but it's definitely long lasting as a little goes a hell of a long way!

Have you tried Yu-Be cream?  What are your Winter skin saviours?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Tangle Teezer Original

Way back in November, I took a glorious trip to Boots to do some Christmas shopping and somehow ended up with this in my basket.  I paid £10.99 for this from Boots, but I have recently found it cheaper elsewhere if you have a browse!  I have really fine hair, I malt like I don't know what and my ends lately have been getting really bad.  My Dad's girlfriend is a hairdresser, so I regularly get my hair trimmed, but I always end up hating my hair.

In a bid to start looking after it a bit more, I have bought myself this Tangle Teezer in the hope that by not dragging a brush through my hair, I will have fewer split ends.  I didn't really know what to expect from this brush...I didn't think my previous hair brush was that bad, even though I have had it for as long as I can remember.  BUT!  Since using it, I can't believe how much of a difference this makes.

I find that it takes longer with the Tangle Teezer to get rid of all of my knots, but it is so much nicer to use so I don't really mind.  I never really was bothered about brushing my hair before this, as in it didn't hurt, but I can't get over what a difference it makes.  I've not used my previous brush since!  My first dive into detangling brushes has been a good one.  In fact, the only downside I find is the lack of a handle.  I have got into a habit of brushing my hair onto the left side of my head because I can't reach the bottom of my hair, so I've been waking up with some very questionable partings...

What I haven't noticed a difference in though is my split ends...I still get them really quickly!  I think I need a proper hair care routine, so if anyone has any suggestions for fine hair, please share them with me!  I think I might be due a few inches cut off after Christmas too...New Year, New Start and all that...

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer?  What's your hair routine?

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I can't believe that it is Christmas tomorrow.  I finished work yesterday with an early finish, won a few prizes on the works raffle and I'm starting to plan what I am going to be wearing this afternoon for my annual Christmas Eve drinks in town with my boyfriend and my family.  Christmas Eve is always the same for me...Christmas drinks with practically the entire town, followed by a take away.  You can't go wrong.

Making my Christmas Eve that little bit better...boiled egg and soldiers.  I haven't had these in forever, and last week I was sent this cute little egg cup from IWOOT.  I was waiting to use it for ages, but because I work seven days a week, a quick lunch is usually the case but today...oh, today is THE day.  It's called Bad Egg*, but I think it might have been designed a little lazily...I don't see what a moustasche and some sunnies do to make this egg bad, but oh well!  At £4.99, it's a bit expensive to splash out on a bit of a novelty for yourself, but makes a perfect stocking filler, or secret santa gift!

So!  I shall see you again after Christmas, I hope Santa comes and spoils you all rotten!  Stay tuned and I will report back on what Santa bought me seeing as I've been pretty good this year!

What are your plans for Christmas Eve?  Any Christmas Wishes this year?
*This product was sent to me from IWOOT for review purposes.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Soap and Glory The Fab Pore

Ohhhhh....the first product I have got from Soap and Glory with their new packaging!  I love Soap and Glory, I don't know anybody that doesn't love it!  And as always, I'm not disappointed.

This is The Fab Pore, which is a two in one pore purifying mask and peel.  It is part of the Fab Pore range, and...well, leaves you with fab pores.  I use this mask on dry skin, straight from the pot, and you can leave it on for five minutes for a quick fix, or fifteen minutes for a real, deep clean.  

The mask comes in a gorgeous smooth, matte pot.  The white kind of makes me think of super clean clinics or something, but I like that medical feel because it just looks nice, and perfect.  But my favourite is the feel...I could touch the pot all day.  What a weirdo...

The product itself is mint green in colour, and smells a little minty really too; don't worry though, because it's not a horrible smell.  I actually quite like it, and I feel it adds to making me feel super clean.  I also like that you get that fresh, deep clean feeling on your skin after use!  It's got tiny exfoliating, bursting beads inside too.  I usually apply it quite thickly, and leave it on for the full fifteen minutes - I have oily skin, and have quite large pores around my nose.

For me, I can see a real difference after use.  My skin is bright, clean, smooth and most importantly, I think there is a difference in my pores.  Now I'm not saying that there is a pore that has totally disappeared...it's not a miracle mask, but I do think there is a noticeable difference.

At £10 a tub, it's not the cheapest, but I would definitely buy it again.  It's available at Boots, and I'm sure there'll be some vouchers for extra Boots points/money off in the Yule Monty boxes if Santa was spoiling you girls this year!  Soap and Glory can do me no wrong, and a product specifically formulated for clogged pores, problem and oily/combination skin is a winner in my eyes.  Another product I need to get into the habit of using for perfect pores all the time...

Any recommendations for problem skin?  Have you tried this?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil

It seems I'm getting an Avocado trend going on...this is my last avocado related post this month!  (Have any of you managed to make your own guacamole yet?!)  I promise it's a good one though.  A while back now, I won another competition on Olivia's blog, Beauty from the Fjord, and I got this bottle of Avocado Oil!

I've had cleansing oils, and hair oils before, but I've never had an oil that is a moisturising skin oil!  This avocado oil can be used on both skin and hair, so it's really a multi tasker.  I really like the design of the bottle, it's got like a clear casing with a cylinder inside, but I find the pump to be a little stiff so I can't get a very controlled amount of product on my hands.  Mine has also leaked a little in the casing which might have been because of it being laid down in the post?

I've mainly been using this on my skin and I've found it to be really nice for when you've got the dreaded winter skin; popping this on before bed is just amazing and I really find that my skin is sorted by the morning.

The oil is, I'm going to contradict myself a bit here, a luminous but murky green and the smell isn't the nicest but I've found that it disappears really quickly so it is fine for me to use.  It's completely natural so what you're getting is a natural colouring and scent.  But because of the colour, it is definitely an oil for the evening, or you might get a yellowy tinge to your skin!

The avocado oil has so many benefits as well, more than what I expected to be honest!  I photographed the box so I just wasn't quoting, but just look....Vitamins A, D and E, and acids!  If reading beauty blogs has taught me anything, skin and acid is just one big positive.  Except for the chemical/science acids...obviously.

I am really trying hard to start looking after my hair, so I really ought to try and get into a routine of using this regularly.  I've used it a few times, but I think to really see the results on my hair, I need a proper regime, especially improving my split ends.  Maybe when and if I get the chop, I'll start properly!  The few times I have used this though, my hair has definitely got an improved shine, seems much more manageable and generally smoother!

I'd definitely buy this again when this bottle runs out, and I have seen that Eden also do a few other oils including Argan, Rosehip and Jojoba.  At the time of writing this, they were updating their website for new product launches so I'll leave their Twitter as you should definitely give them a browse!

Also!  Something I found out whilst looking up general organic products...did you know that it's not illegal for companies to put the word "organic" on their label, even if it isn't organic?  I didn't!  Which is why you need to look out for the soil association logo on packaging as a sign that it is truly organic!  The Eden Organic Avocado Oil has it on the bottle and on the outside box!

What oils do you enjoy using?  Have you tried Avocado Oil?
*This bottle of  Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil was won through a blog giveaway.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Laura Mercier Body & Bath Luxe Quartet in Crème Brûlée

Well it has been a while hasn't it.  I don't know where this month has gone at all; I've not even been particularly busy!  I can't believe it's so close to Christmas!  I work in an office where it is literally Christmas all year, so I thought I'd be sick of it, but if anything, it's made me even more excited!

A few weeks ago, you might have seen that Urban Retreat Beautique were doing their annual Christmas Quest.  I'd never played before, but I had the best week!  Basically, you have to hunt around their website and find items that are marked at £0.02, and if you find it, you need to buy it before anyone else!  I was very lucky and on the first day that I played, I won this beauty...the Laura Mercier Body & Bath Luxe Quartet in Crème Brûlée worth an amazing £60!  Bought for two perfect pennies!!

It arrived in a sturdy gift box, and inside was a Honey Bath, a sugar scrub, a body creme and a candle.  I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like the smell, as I'm a bit fussy with sweet smells, but they are all absolutely gorgeous.  The description on the website says that it is "succulent notes of warm caramel, spun sugar and French vanilla bean" - very luxurious and decadent.

I've managed to use everything now, and I love it all!  I don't know if I'd ever buy the full size versions of these as they're just too expensive for my purse strings, but this is definitely the sort of thing I'd love to receive as a gift if I was really being spoilt.  The sugar scrub one of the nicest I've ever tried as usually I always get left with a sticky residue, but this just rinsed away leaving me with perfectly polished skin.  My only problem with the sugar scrub was the smell - this is the most sickly scent of them all, and there's just something about it that reminds me of Baileys and Baileys is just a nightmare for me.

The body creme is so light on application, but you can really feel the moisture in my opinion - out of them all, I'd be most likely to buy this in full size.  And honestly, the Honey Bath smells nice, but there's nothing overly special about the bubble bath!  

I've had a look at other things on the Urban Retreat Beautique, and there are a few more scents that I'd like to try including Ambre Vanille and probably the most tempting...Almond Coconut Milk.  What's even better now is that they are all half price!  So if you have last minute pressies to buy, or just fancy treating yourself, then go, go, go!

Did you manage to get anything in the Christmas Quest? Tried any of these goodies?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Holy Guacamole!

Today is my anniversary with my boyfriend Liam.  We've been together for nine years today!  How very amazing, and I'm very happy!  So happy in fact, that this evening I've been preparing a Mexican feast for us both to indulge in as soon as he finishes work.  Liam and I both - to put it bluntly - bum Mexico.  We have been to Cancun twice with our group of friends and it's literally the best place ever, it is worth every single penny!
Aside from the sun, sea and nightlife, one of the things that I love the most about being in Mexico is the guacamole.  There are literally no words to describe how amazing this stuff is over there - I've never found guacamole as good!  The next best thing to Mexican guacamole is home made guacamole.
It's so simple to make, and is so much nicer than shop bought guacamole and it takes no time at all!  To make this bowl of guacamole, I used;

           ONE RED ONION
           ONE TOMATO

All you need to do is chop your Avocado's in half, scoop out the middle and mash.  Finely chop the tomato and the onion and add to the mashed avocado.  Add the juice of one lime, stir that in.  And mince your garlic clove and crack that in there too!  I also added a bit of salt and pepper just for some seasoning, because all pro chefs add salt and pepper...

I swear the photograph that I've included doesn't do the guacamole justice.  Just give it a go, you will not regret it!  You can even spice things up a little by adding in some chopped chilli!

So...will you be trying to make your own guacamole?

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Making A Change: Fitness

Today is a slightly different post to what I normally write about.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have spotted that I joined the local gym on Friday.  I know what you're all thinking..."you're starting the gym before Christmas?!"  It shocked me too, but yes; I like to think of it as damage limitation because Christmas is just full of indulging in your festive favourites, and if you're aiming to lose weight, why make it harder for yourself when it gets to January!

I am in no way a fitness expert/fitness freak.  I hate exercise.  There's nothing I love more than tea and cake, and doing nothing but sitting on my bum all day long.  Whilst I was at University, I was a member of the gym, occasionally made regular visits, and over summer did pretty well with Insanity DVD's, but nothing ever stuck. Since moving home in July, I have literally done no exercise and well...I can tell, and it's just not healthy for me to do literally nothing.

At 5ft8 and 12 stone, my BMI is 25.5 according to the NHS website, just sneaking into the overweight section.  I'm a size 12 on my top, and can just now fit into a size 14 on my bottom with jeans!  I wouldn't say that I am unhappy with how I look, as much as I moan on about my huge thighs and bum, I quite like having a pear shape.  My main aim for joining the gym is to tone up, and obviously I would like to be comfortably in my healthy weight zone.  I know BMI is a bit dodgey to go on, but my goal weight has always been between 11 and 11 and a half stone, I've just never made it there!

At my heaviest, I was weighed in at almost 14 stone.  If anyone is interested, I can share how I initially lost my weight on another post, so let me know if you'd like some quick tips.  That was three years ago, and I managed to lose the weight and keep it off much to my surprise as I'm not the healthiest of eaters now, so I can't even imagine what I must have been eating like to climb that far up the scales.  I've just never managed to make it below the 12 stone mark; this last stone just will not shift.
So!  I thought I'd share with you my plans in the hope that I stick to them now that I have publicly announced it.  You know what I'm intending and I know what I've got to do - I will aim to post updates as often as I can!
Is anyone else thinking of getting fitter soon?  What are your top fitness tips?

Friday, 29 November 2013

EOS Pomegranate & Raspberry Lip Balm

Last month marked the end of my spending ban, and you may have read that I received an amazing mystery prize package from Hannah in the USA!  As promised, I'm back with the first review of one of the products I received, and it's the EOS Pomegranate & Raspberry Lip Balm.

EOS is a brand that I had heard of, so I was really looking forward to trying this as it's a well talked about product from overseas.  The thing that attracted me most to EOS is the packaging.  I absolutely love the matte, smooth sphere that it comes in.  Far more hygienic than a pot lip balm, and it just looks neater than a stick lip balm - I always have a habit of winding my lip balm right down to see how much product is left in it...anyone else?

The base is flat, so it doesn't roll around on a flat surface - perfect desk lip balm -  and it has a small indent for you to press your thumb into to twist off the cap.  The cap also has a screw thread, so you won't have any messy accidents when this is rolling around the bottom of your bag.

EOS spheres contain shea butter and jojoba oil for super smooth lips.  I've found that it applies really nicely and feels amazing on my lips; not too heavy or greasy.  I have noticed though that the moisturising feeling does wear off quite quickly, so now it's getting really cold, I'm applying it a lot more than what I would normally to ensure that my lips don't get dry!  The scent of Pomegranate & Raspberry isn't at all overpowering, it's a really lovely subtle scent with a tiny bit of taste!  I'd love to try the Vanilla Bean flavour next!
They are available to buy in the UK, but I think they're a bit pricey.  You can buy them here from Selfridges for £5.99, and if you use the code SELF2013, you can get 10% off your beauty order and if you're really going for it, 20% off fashion until Sunday!  You can also probably find them on Amazon.  I think these would make really nice stocking fillers for friends, or as a Secret Santa gift!
Have you tried EOS balms?  Which is your favourite lip balm?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

ASOS #TonightIs...

Tonight is...one for me, one for you!

If you didn't already know, I am a very lucky lady and am part of the Access All ASOS team.  As part of the #TonightIs campaign, I am here today to show my appreciation to my bestie, Kristina!  She doesn't know it yet...but she will...she will...

Kristina and I met at University in 2010 and have been pretty inseparable ever since.  We are so like minded and just know exactly what we are talking about...we got communication down to looking at eachother; no words necessary.

She is pretty hysterical, a bit dim at times, but hilariously dim (not that I can talk at all, I've had my moments, one particular one that I KNOW she will bring up at any opportunity...I thought the Philippines was somewhere where you went skiing.  Found out last year it's not.  Geography isn't my strong point...)

My friend Kristina definitely deserves a treat this year.  We both graduated University in September, and they were literally the BEST years of my entire life.  I've never laughed so hard ever, and so often.  We've gone from lugging car tyres through town, to having horrific spray tans, to tweeting R-Kelly his own lyrics on Twitter and loads more in between.  Best three years of my life.

She also laughs like this.  Almost always louder than any noise in the room.  Hilarious.  Love you, Kristina!
What do you love about your bestie? Tweet @ASOS with #TodayIs for a chance to win a prize for you and your bestie!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Life on the Inside: House of Hackney X ASOS

Tonight I have a super sneaky sneek peek for you.  Last week, I was invited to have one of the first looks at the House of Hackney X ASOS collection!  I'm feeling pretty excited about it to be honest; House of Hackney isn't a label that graces my wardrobe, but I absolutely love the bold prints.  It's a shame they're so out of my price range, because they are gorgeous pieces.

"House of Hackney was founded in London 2010 by husband and wife team Javvt M Royle and Frieda Gormley. Originally founded as an interiors label the founder's quest was 'to take the beige out of interiors' with an emphasis on quality, design and Made in England."

The new collection, Dalston Tart, is embracing the tartan trend this season with some pieces that I seriously love, but what I like the most about this collection is the encorporation of the black and white floral print.  The combination of tartan and floral patterns is something that I haven't seen this year, and isn't something I would have thought to have put together myself, but I really, really like it.

I've picked my favourite three items from the collection which I have compiled into my House of Hackney X ASOS Lust List...I really ought to try shortening that for future!  This year, I don't know why, but I've been really craving these baggy smock style dresses.  I am pear shaped, dramatically pear shaped you might say, so I just like the waist band on these sort of dresses as they tuck me in at my slimmest point.  I also think they look really nice with thick tights and, as always, chunky boots.

The tartan ticks all my boxes for a nice tartan too - I hate bright, garish tartan, and this is just a perfect, darker tartan.  I also love the sleeve length!  Oh...god, you know what, I just need this tartan dress full stop.  It has to be mine.

The floral printed items really remind me of some cushions that my Grandma used to have at her house, my favourite of the two is obviously the dress for the same fit reasons as above.  I am usually quite dark in the clothes that I wear, so this creamy dress would be really nice to switch it up a bit, whilst still leaving me with the chance to keep my own style.  I do like the t-shirt, but on my frame, I don't think it'd be flattering - but I really like the upturned sleeves so you get that hint of tartan coming through.

What do you think of the sneak peek of House of Hackney X ASOS?

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa

Carly here.  This year, I would love to see the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette under my tree.  Its rose gold hues have drawn me in and I need it to be mine.  I won't bore you with more details, because I'm sure every make up lover under the sun has told you all about it.  I swear I've been good this year, and nothing but nice. 

So please, Santa...I'd love a Naked 3 palette this year.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Illamasqua Apocalips

So this week I've been Christmas shopping...only I ended up buying myself  present.  You may have seen on one of my Wednesday Wishlists that I was eyeing up a certain Illamasqua lipstick, and well...I bought it.  I'm not even sorry!

I bought the shade Apocalips and I was a bit unsure about the colour, as you would expect, because it is nothing like any shade that I already own.  In fact, I don't know anyone else with a shade similar to this.  It is a gorgeous deep teal with a matte finish.  I've read reviews on Apocalips and I was a bit worried that the matte finish would be too drying, because I'd heard it drags on application and lips needed to be well prepared.

I was so surprised!  The lipstick applied amazingly well, and was very well pigmented.  I did a few swipes to ensure a total opaque finish, and I was so impressed.  I was too excited to try this when I got it, so didn't prepare my lips at all - they're averagely dry, but I thought that it applied really nicely!  It didn't cling to my dry areas, and I was left with a beautifully smooth, even colour application.  Because of the matte finish, this colour on your lips is going nowhere!

I can't tell you all enough how pleased I am that I bought this.  I am so happy with it, and I think that it is such an easy colour to wear.  It is an unusual colour and I do think that it will take other people to get used to me wearing the shade, but I don't think that it looks odd or an unflattering colour at all.  Apocalips came from the Human Fundamentalism collection released in 2012, and Illamasqua said that "Human Fundamentalism is an explosion of your alter ego.  It's becoming who you are and not who you're told to be" and I couldn't agree more!  If you want to try it, you can buy it here on the Illamasqua website!
What do you think of Apocalips?  Will you be trying it?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bershka Lust List

I'm going to do something a little different today...normally my wishlists would come on a Wednesday, but some things just can't wait.  So here is my Bershka Lust List.  I'd never heard of Bershka until I was browsing Kavita's blog, She Wears Fashion, where she is currently giving away a £100 gift voucher to spend at Bershka.  See the post here if you fancy a go!  But anyway...I didn't think much of it at first, you can't usually get that much for £100, but on browsing...wow...yes you can.
It sort of reminds me of H&M in the way that it has a lot of nice, basic clothing for very good prices. 

The odd one out on my Bershka Lust List is this grey marl maxi skirt.  I love this texture and pattern on t-shirts, and I don't own any maxi skirts at all, so this would be really nice for winter.  I literally live in leggings and my one pair of jeans, so this could be a nice change!

Onto the t-shirts.  I have been looking for a Nirvana top for FOREVER.  I can never find one that is reasonably priced with a ladies fit.  This white t-shirt will contrast with the majority of my black and grey wardrobe, so again will be a welcome change!  Secondly, I'm obsessed with Disney.  I love this Mickey t-shirt, and I need it in my life.  I've just managed to get hold of The Little Mermaid t-shirt from Primark, so this could be the start of a Disney clothing obsession...

I also opted for a basic wine three quarter sleeve top.  It's a really nice colour for Autumn/Winter, and this length is one of my favourites.  I was going to end my wishlist here, but on browsing, I had to edit another image to continue my wishlist because there are too many nice things!

The necklaces on here are very Zara-esque, but slightly cheaper.  They're big, chunky statement necklaces.  This one stood out as my favourite, but it was a tough choice!  I also need this bag.  I'm pretty fussy for bag choosing, because I feel like I don't own coats that they go with...reading that back, that's the stupidest reason ever really, but I'm just fussy.  This is just a plain and simple black back pack, and this would make me happy.  Plus, all of my bags are ruined, so I actually do need this.
Finally, I couldn't leave without adding these last two t-shirts to my lust list just because!  I love Metallica, and the wide sleeves on this tee.  And the monster was too cute to leave behind.  I like his silly little face...
Well...explaining my reasons for wanting things will certainly make it easier to part with my money, and will give me a well rehearsed speech for making excuses to my Mum!
Have you shopped at Bershka before? Where are your online gems?

Monday, 11 November 2013

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink

I'm back with another win and another pH reactive lip product.  Today, it's the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink.*  I won this on another Twitter give away sometime last week - I've been really lucky with Twitter giveaways lately!
I've read a lot about Pixi products, particularly the infamous Glow Tonic, but I've never actually tried any of their products because they're quite hard to find around where I live, and I don't often buy make up online because I like to see what I'm buying.  I absolutely love lip crayons, I only own the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains but I own most of their shades.  They're just so easy to use, and are really nice and pigmented.  I was really excited to try another brand of lip crayon, and more so because I've not got a lip crayon that is pH reactive.

First off, I really like the packaging for this.  It's so smooth to touch, it's a matte finish material so it's just nice to hold.  It has a handy twist up crayon, so there's no awkward sharpening!  I also like that there is a clear cap, and a nice band of the shade at the base of the crayon, so if you had a collection of them, you can easily identify which colour you're picking up.
Compared to my last pH reactive lip product, which was the Barry M TMLP lip paint that I reviewed here, this is a lot less pigmented.  The Barry M lip paint was so much more vibrant and very bright, this is more of a candy floss pink and is something I'd wear on a day to day basis.  It's nicer than my normal lip shade, and feels a lot nicer on my lips than the Barry M TMLP, and also feels a lot more nourishing than the Revlon Balm Stain crayons.
It's a really nice moistursing balm; it contains Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and A, Shea Butter and Rose extract.  All of these ingredients are great for nourishment and moisturising, and it also contains peptides that help to plump fine lines.  The staying power for this shade isn't the best, it's definitely less than the Revlon crayons, but I think that's because it's a balmier consistency.  It's not a hassle reapplying though, so I don't mind.
At £12 a crayon, they aren't the cheapest lip crayons on the market, but I think I'd like to try a different shade that's a little more pigmented.  Perhaps Rosy Red, or Bitten Berry...if you want to try one, or have a browse of the shades then you can find them online here.
Have you tried the Pixi Brilliance Balms?  What other lip crayons should I try?
*I received this Tinted Brilliance Balm from Pixi Beauty after winning a Twitter competition

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Okay, so you may have seen me mention this Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask in my previous Skin Saviours post which you can find here if you missed it!  But that was just a quick breeze by, and this product deserves an entire post considering I've been reaching for it so much recently.

I literally love this moisturiser.  I can't see myself ever not having a bottle.  It smells so good I feel like I want it in my mouth squirty cream style.  I obviously won't...maybe.  It's a gorgeous fruity scent; I predominantly get mango through but there's lots of fruit based oils in the ingredients list.  It contains avocado oil and apricot kernel oil.  Both of these together are instant hydrators and it also contains Japanese Seaweed that's used to repair your skins barrier, and helps to prevent your skin becoming dehydrated again.  So it's a winning moisturiser right here.
My skin by the morning is amazing, I feel like I'm glowing, or as my friend might say, I feel as though I'm looking pretty radiant.  I feel like my skin is nice and plumped, and whilst it's obviously a little oilier come morning because of the richness of the moisturiser, it's not an issue because I'll be having my morning cleanse any second.
I've not finished this tube yet, maybe just under half left, but I've already got its replacement in the form of a Chrismas present for myself.  I've wanted to try some more Origins products for a while, but have never forked out the extra cash to get some.  Enter Boots Christmas offers.  Boots, I love you.
This is the Merry Moisturisers Gift Set and it is currently half price in Boots.  That's £29 for this instead of £58.  It only has a half size tube of the Drink Up Intensive, but that alone is worth £11.  The main reason I wanted this was for the Make a Difference Plus Moisturiser.  This is full size and usually costs £34, which is more than what I paid for the entire set!  So if you fancy trying Origins, go out and run to Boots, grab your advantage card and make the most of this amazing offer.  Or find it online here!
Are you going to be trying this?  What other Origins products do I need to try?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mystery Prize Package...from the USA!

As you all might know, I was taking part in a group spending ban.  You could all follow the groups progress using the #roseenospend.  Some girls were doing it for thirty days, like myself, and others are still doing a sixty day spending ban!  We were all paired up to spur each other on, and at the end of the swap, you got to send and receive a prize bundle from your partner!

I was paired with the lovely Hannah from Hannah's Beauty Blog and I received my prize box yesterday!  I photographed everything as soon as I opened it because I was dying to get in and try everything, and this whole unwritten blogger rule of no using it until it's been photographed was a killer.  Hannah is based in the USA, so I have been very lucky in the fact that I've been able to try some American beauty bits!  I'd love to tell you all what I popped in Hannah's box, but hers hasn't arrived yet!  Here is what was in mine...

First off, Hannah - thank you so much for sending me this!  I am so pleased with everything, and I love it all - I've tried almost all of it and everything is perfect!  The shades you've picked are gorgeous, and are ones that I'd have chosen myself - great minds must think alike!  I wish we had Wet n' Wild in the UK, and that candle....ohhhh it smells so good!

This is the Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works.  It smells absolutely gorgeous, and not remotely like leaves.  I can't remember what I thought it would smell like anymore, maybe crisp outdoors and maybe a bit of pine thrown in, but it's gorgeous spiced apple.  I love this so much that I've already tracked down a site that sells it in the UK so that I can get a larger version!

This blush is by Wet n Wild and is in the shade Heather Silk and Hannah has made the perfect choice!  She said she chose this as it's a perfect fall shade, and I have to agree!  I wore this today and it gives me that perfect flushed look.

Another Wet n Wild product that Hannah bought for me is this amazing eyeshadow palette.  I've seen a lot of reviews from other bloggers about these, and they're so distinctive with the embossed text for where to apply each colour.  I have the Comfort Zone palette and sometimes you have the odd shade in a palette that you might not touch but I can see me using every single one of these shades.  The left side is a perfect day look, and the right is a bit more dramatic!

EOS is another brand that I have heard of, so I was really excited to see this in my parcel!  I have the Pomegranate and Raspberry flavour and it is so nice, I love the packaging and they are so much better than I had expected them to be; far better than your standard lip balm.  I love this little sphere of goodness.  If anything it's made me want to try our UK equivalent, the Balmi to compare which formula is better!

Hannah also sent me a Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara.  Covergirl is another brand that I have heard of, mainly when I've been watching America's Next Top Model as they usually win a contract to represent Covergirl!  First thoughts are that I love being able to see the brush in the packaging, most of the mascaras I've bought always come with the wand ready in the tube, so this was an interesting change!  I've tried this today and it has been so nice to wear!

I also got sent a little packet of Extras chewing gum in the flavour Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake.  I've actually not tried this yet, but it was such a nice little extra to get in the box!  I've never had a sweet flavoured gum before so this could be interesting!

I'll be reviewing each of these products a little more in depth in the future, so keep an eye out!  And thank you so much Hannah for everything!  I can see you put a lot of thought into the box, and I'm very grateful!  I really hope you like yours, please let me know what you think and keep in touch!

Have you done a beauty swap before?  Have you tried any of these products?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #3

I really don't know why I do this to myself...create these wishlists of all the things I'm loving at the moment when I know that I literally can't afford them.  First of all, I'm meant to be saving for a house with my boyfriend.  The last couple of months haven't gone so well as I've been topping up my winter wardrobe with shoes and coats...  And second of all, it's coming up to Christmas and I have so many people to buy for!  I can't really justify spending money on myself, but...if I slip up...I'll have probably bought one (or more!) of these beauties.


First up, we have the Illasmasqua lipstick in Apocalips.  It's an unusual choice; a gorgeous teal with a matte finish.  But before you question my choice, just Google some swatches.  It looks stunning.  A first look at this bizarre colour might put you off, who wears teal lipstick?  Well Rihanna did for one, but that's not my reasoning for needing it.  Greens are opposite reds in the colour wheel, meaning that green should be just as flattering as a red in theory!  This shade teamed with winter skin, and dark winter clothes seems to be right up my street...and to be honest, I'm not bothered if it's right up anyone elses as I love it!

All of the clothing on this wishlist is from Motel (because I've been insanely stalking their website lately) and the first is this patterned dress.  It's very bold and not something that I'd usually go for, but there's something about it that's making me want to give it a try.  I think this, some sheer black tights, an oversized dark coatigan and some chunky boots would look amazing.

The second dress is this gorgeous plain black dress in a skater style, with a nice Peter Pan lace collar.  I just think that this would be really nice for day to day wear and would again work nicely with my trusty chunky boots.

The fourth thing on my Wednesday Wishlist...this stunning Jouer limited edition palette.  Jouer isn't a brand I've tried before, but I've read so much about it.  This is the In the Red palette, and it doesn't even need explaining.  Look at it!  Connectable pieces of gorgeousness, and they're just screaming my name.  This would be perfect for winter parties, or perfecting your flawless Snow White look - neutral eyes, rosy cheeks and bold lips.  Be. Mine. Now.

Another seasonal screamer for me is the new Jo Malone Peony Blush Suede cologne.  I had a sample of this through the post when I ordered my Mums birthday present and it smells amazing.  It's the perfect mix of floral and musky and is something that I would wear a lot through winter.

To finish my somewhat seasonal ending to this wishlist...this amazing dress from Motel.  Sparkles and sequins are again something that I wouldn't normally go for, I tend to go for the more grungey look, but this would be the perfect party dress.  I'd either go for sky high heels, or tone down the sparkle with some high wedge boots.

So what do we think? Do I save or spend, spend, spend?!

As I am part of the Motel Rocks Street Team, I have a discount code available for all of my readers for a handy 20% off at Motel Rocks!  Just enter ceejayell at the checkout for discount across all Motel branded products.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Richard Ward Keratin Rehab Conditioning Treatment

At the beginning of this month, I received the Richard Ward Keratin Rehab Conditioning Treatment* to test out.  I had been toying with the idea of getting another hair mask for a while, so this arrived at the perfect time.  It is a deep conditioning treatment enriched with keratin, hairs natural protein, which helps protect your hair and helps it to re-build it's natural fibres.

I had real high hopes for this, and at my first chance, I applied this to my hair after shampooing for the full half an hour.  You can leave this treatment on from five minutes, to half an hour; I was really looking forward to having beautifully soft hair.

Unfortunately, I was really disappointed.  I have fine, flat hair and leaving it on for this amount of time obviously really weighed my hair down, as well as making it feel really thick, and greasy - because of my hair type, I took extra care to ensure that all the product was washed out, but it must have left behind a very moisturising residue.  On drying my hair, my hair actually felt worse than when I first started, it felt dry and matted.

I tried this mask again for a shorter time of five minutes recently, and the same thing happened again minus the greasy feeling.  My hair felt so dry and I can't understand why or how it happened.  I was so looking forward to trying it seeing as it is a product by a top hairdresser; looking after the locks of Kate Middleton would be enough to make me buy anything he had to offer!  Unfortunately, I just don't think this mask is for me but there are lots of other things in the collection that might be more for my hair type!  I'm currently eyeing up the Keratin Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Richard Ward Chelsea Collection is exclusively available at Waitrose, and this particular mask is £5.99.  If you want think that this is suitable for your hair type and want to try it, or anything else from this collection, the Richard Ward range is currently on a 3 for 2 promotion!  (On a positive note, I really love the little illustrations on the packaging!)

Have you tried any of the Richard Ward products?  What hair masks would you recommend?
*PR Sample. This product was sent to me for review.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Barry M TMLP Lip Paint

A few days ago marked the end of my spending ban!  I won't lie...I didn't not buy anything at all.  I bought some clothes, most of which were necessary and only bought when I had a discount code!  But I can honestly say that I bought no beauty products, which was where my main spending ban was.  So...obviously I treated myself once it had been lifted...  Some people are still on their spending bans, so have a look at how they are doing on the hashtag #roseenospend!  I'll have another exciting post coming soon on the end of #roseenospend...stay tuned!

So what did I buy?  I bought the Barry M Lip Paint in TMLP, standing for Turn My Lips Pink.  The only thing I've ever bought from Barry M are the nail paints; nothing else really took my fancy, and I was worried for the quality.  But, I am so surprised.  This is amazing, and probably now one of my favourite lipsticks!  Oh...and it's green....

Yes!  Green!  This magic lipstick starts out a real Halloween green, but is one of those magic lipsticks that change according to the pH in your lips, so it will vary in shade for everyone to create your perfect pink!  I'm a sucker for anything that looks this cool, and I have to say I'm not disappointed with this little impulse buy.

It's really moisturising on the lips, and has such a good wear time.  I swatched this on my hand and it was so hard to get off!  Wear time is pretty good too; once the moisturising feeling has worn away from the initial application, you are left with a nice stain.  Don't be fooled though, this colour gradually develops, so whilst it may seem sheer at first, keep an eye on it!  My Mum borrowed mine when I wasn't in, and was shocked hers had developed to an almost fuschia pink!  A nice one at that!

The lipstick comes in pretty standard packaging, but I really like it.  It's a matte black tube with a gloss band where the lid meets.  I usually find that cheaper lipsticks usually come with cheap, tacky packaging but I really like this and wouldn't be bothered about cracking it out during the day!  The bright green inside might get me a few stares though!

As far as smell, it's no MAC lipstick.  It's got quite a synthetic fruity scent in my opinion, and reminds me of Tutti Fruities, but it's not unpleasant!

Indoor Lighting

Excuse the awful quality selfie - I really ought to invest in a proper camera for showing what it's like on skin!   Keep an eye out on my Instagram, as I imagine I'll be wearing this a lot! Mine goes a really nice rosy pink in indoor light, but a real bright lolly pop pink in natural light!  I'm so pleased with my purchase!  I bought mine from Amazon here for £4.21, I've always struggled to get it in Superdrug and Boots because they're always sold out!

Natural Lighting Outside
So there we have it.  My crazy impulse buy of a bright green lipstick, that leaves my lips that perfect shade of pink.  I'm one happy chappy.

What has been your latest impulse buy?  Will you be getting this?

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover

This is The Body Shop's Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover*.  I have to admit here and now that I've never really bought into the whole make up remover thing - I usually just wash my face properly with face wash in the bath or shower, and prior to me becoming quite into my skincare routine, I just used face wipes - I know, I don't anymore and they're now banned!

The only eye make up remover I bought before this was the Simple one - it was okay but I was never really taken with it so I didn't get used very much, so I'll say now I didn't have high hopes.  But oh my god, wow.  This is one of those cleansers where you have to shake it to wake it, you can see below that it's a layered solution; one is an oily liquid, and the other is a watery one.  Once shaken, it turns into a milky mixture which is just perfect.

The cap is the only downside - I find it quite difficult to actually get the product out compared to other liquid cleansers that kind of just soak onto the cotton wool.   I think it's because of just how small the hole is in the cap, but I can get by!  I'd still buy this again.

To test the make up, I used my brightest red lip which usually leaves a stain behind, and my Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara, teamed with a Body Shop one as well for maximum mascara layers seeing as the only waterproof mascara that I own is my other Maxfactor False Lash effect mascara, which as I said in my previous review here, isn't waterproof.

I was pleasantly surprised.  My lipstick was removed easily, and no red lip was left behind!  I had no staining, and was left with my natural lip colour.  Removing mascara required a little more effort as expected, but just holding the soaked cotton pad over the eyelids for a few seconds allowed for a gentle and effective removal!  I was expecting to have some sort of oily residue left behind, but I couldn't notice anything dramatic, just clean, make up free skin.

So all in all, like the Camomile Cleansing Butter, I love this product and would definitely buy it again.  At £8, it is more expensive than I would normally pay, but as I'm researching more into skin care, I am starting to be willing to pay that little bit extra as you really do get what you pay for.  This is just perfect; simple, effective and will last a while too thanks to the product control from the small cap!

What are you favourite make up removers?  Will you be trying this?
*I received this Eye & Lip Make Up Remover from The Body Shop after winning a Twitter competition