Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bershka Lust List

I'm going to do something a little different today...normally my wishlists would come on a Wednesday, but some things just can't wait.  So here is my Bershka Lust List.  I'd never heard of Bershka until I was browsing Kavita's blog, She Wears Fashion, where she is currently giving away a £100 gift voucher to spend at Bershka.  See the post here if you fancy a go!  But anyway...I didn't think much of it at first, you can't usually get that much for £100, but on browsing...wow...yes you can.
It sort of reminds me of H&M in the way that it has a lot of nice, basic clothing for very good prices. 

The odd one out on my Bershka Lust List is this grey marl maxi skirt.  I love this texture and pattern on t-shirts, and I don't own any maxi skirts at all, so this would be really nice for winter.  I literally live in leggings and my one pair of jeans, so this could be a nice change!

Onto the t-shirts.  I have been looking for a Nirvana top for FOREVER.  I can never find one that is reasonably priced with a ladies fit.  This white t-shirt will contrast with the majority of my black and grey wardrobe, so again will be a welcome change!  Secondly, I'm obsessed with Disney.  I love this Mickey t-shirt, and I need it in my life.  I've just managed to get hold of The Little Mermaid t-shirt from Primark, so this could be the start of a Disney clothing obsession...

I also opted for a basic wine three quarter sleeve top.  It's a really nice colour for Autumn/Winter, and this length is one of my favourites.  I was going to end my wishlist here, but on browsing, I had to edit another image to continue my wishlist because there are too many nice things!

The necklaces on here are very Zara-esque, but slightly cheaper.  They're big, chunky statement necklaces.  This one stood out as my favourite, but it was a tough choice!  I also need this bag.  I'm pretty fussy for bag choosing, because I feel like I don't own coats that they go with...reading that back, that's the stupidest reason ever really, but I'm just fussy.  This is just a plain and simple black back pack, and this would make me happy.  Plus, all of my bags are ruined, so I actually do need this.
Finally, I couldn't leave without adding these last two t-shirts to my lust list just because!  I love Metallica, and the wide sleeves on this tee.  And the monster was too cute to leave behind.  I like his silly little face...
Well...explaining my reasons for wanting things will certainly make it easier to part with my money, and will give me a well rehearsed speech for making excuses to my Mum!
Have you shopped at Bershka before? Where are your online gems?

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