Friday, 29 November 2013

EOS Pomegranate & Raspberry Lip Balm

Last month marked the end of my spending ban, and you may have read that I received an amazing mystery prize package from Hannah in the USA!  As promised, I'm back with the first review of one of the products I received, and it's the EOS Pomegranate & Raspberry Lip Balm.

EOS is a brand that I had heard of, so I was really looking forward to trying this as it's a well talked about product from overseas.  The thing that attracted me most to EOS is the packaging.  I absolutely love the matte, smooth sphere that it comes in.  Far more hygienic than a pot lip balm, and it just looks neater than a stick lip balm - I always have a habit of winding my lip balm right down to see how much product is left in it...anyone else?

The base is flat, so it doesn't roll around on a flat surface - perfect desk lip balm -  and it has a small indent for you to press your thumb into to twist off the cap.  The cap also has a screw thread, so you won't have any messy accidents when this is rolling around the bottom of your bag.

EOS spheres contain shea butter and jojoba oil for super smooth lips.  I've found that it applies really nicely and feels amazing on my lips; not too heavy or greasy.  I have noticed though that the moisturising feeling does wear off quite quickly, so now it's getting really cold, I'm applying it a lot more than what I would normally to ensure that my lips don't get dry!  The scent of Pomegranate & Raspberry isn't at all overpowering, it's a really lovely subtle scent with a tiny bit of taste!  I'd love to try the Vanilla Bean flavour next!
They are available to buy in the UK, but I think they're a bit pricey.  You can buy them here from Selfridges for £5.99, and if you use the code SELF2013, you can get 10% off your beauty order and if you're really going for it, 20% off fashion until Sunday!  You can also probably find them on Amazon.  I think these would make really nice stocking fillers for friends, or as a Secret Santa gift!
Have you tried EOS balms?  Which is your favourite lip balm?

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