Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Making A Change: Fitness

Today is a slightly different post to what I normally write about.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have spotted that I joined the local gym on Friday.  I know what you're all thinking..."you're starting the gym before Christmas?!"  It shocked me too, but yes; I like to think of it as damage limitation because Christmas is just full of indulging in your festive favourites, and if you're aiming to lose weight, why make it harder for yourself when it gets to January!

I am in no way a fitness expert/fitness freak.  I hate exercise.  There's nothing I love more than tea and cake, and doing nothing but sitting on my bum all day long.  Whilst I was at University, I was a member of the gym, occasionally made regular visits, and over summer did pretty well with Insanity DVD's, but nothing ever stuck. Since moving home in July, I have literally done no exercise and well...I can tell, and it's just not healthy for me to do literally nothing.

At 5ft8 and 12 stone, my BMI is 25.5 according to the NHS website, just sneaking into the overweight section.  I'm a size 12 on my top, and can just now fit into a size 14 on my bottom with jeans!  I wouldn't say that I am unhappy with how I look, as much as I moan on about my huge thighs and bum, I quite like having a pear shape.  My main aim for joining the gym is to tone up, and obviously I would like to be comfortably in my healthy weight zone.  I know BMI is a bit dodgey to go on, but my goal weight has always been between 11 and 11 and a half stone, I've just never made it there!

At my heaviest, I was weighed in at almost 14 stone.  If anyone is interested, I can share how I initially lost my weight on another post, so let me know if you'd like some quick tips.  That was three years ago, and I managed to lose the weight and keep it off much to my surprise as I'm not the healthiest of eaters now, so I can't even imagine what I must have been eating like to climb that far up the scales.  I've just never managed to make it below the 12 stone mark; this last stone just will not shift.
So!  I thought I'd share with you my plans in the hope that I stick to them now that I have publicly announced it.  You know what I'm intending and I know what I've got to do - I will aim to post updates as often as I can!
Is anyone else thinking of getting fitter soon?  What are your top fitness tips?

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