Monday, 23 December 2013

Soap and Glory The Fab Pore

Ohhhhh....the first product I have got from Soap and Glory with their new packaging!  I love Soap and Glory, I don't know anybody that doesn't love it!  And as always, I'm not disappointed.

This is The Fab Pore, which is a two in one pore purifying mask and peel.  It is part of the Fab Pore range, and...well, leaves you with fab pores.  I use this mask on dry skin, straight from the pot, and you can leave it on for five minutes for a quick fix, or fifteen minutes for a real, deep clean.  

The mask comes in a gorgeous smooth, matte pot.  The white kind of makes me think of super clean clinics or something, but I like that medical feel because it just looks nice, and perfect.  But my favourite is the feel...I could touch the pot all day.  What a weirdo...

The product itself is mint green in colour, and smells a little minty really too; don't worry though, because it's not a horrible smell.  I actually quite like it, and I feel it adds to making me feel super clean.  I also like that you get that fresh, deep clean feeling on your skin after use!  It's got tiny exfoliating, bursting beads inside too.  I usually apply it quite thickly, and leave it on for the full fifteen minutes - I have oily skin, and have quite large pores around my nose.

For me, I can see a real difference after use.  My skin is bright, clean, smooth and most importantly, I think there is a difference in my pores.  Now I'm not saying that there is a pore that has totally's not a miracle mask, but I do think there is a noticeable difference.

At £10 a tub, it's not the cheapest, but I would definitely buy it again.  It's available at Boots, and I'm sure there'll be some vouchers for extra Boots points/money off in the Yule Monty boxes if Santa was spoiling you girls this year!  Soap and Glory can do me no wrong, and a product specifically formulated for clogged pores, problem and oily/combination skin is a winner in my eyes.  Another product I need to get into the habit of using for perfect pores all the time...

Any recommendations for problem skin?  Have you tried this?

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