Sunday, 22 December 2013

Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil

It seems I'm getting an Avocado trend going on...this is my last avocado related post this month!  (Have any of you managed to make your own guacamole yet?!)  I promise it's a good one though.  A while back now, I won another competition on Olivia's blog, Beauty from the Fjord, and I got this bottle of Avocado Oil!

I've had cleansing oils, and hair oils before, but I've never had an oil that is a moisturising skin oil!  This avocado oil can be used on both skin and hair, so it's really a multi tasker.  I really like the design of the bottle, it's got like a clear casing with a cylinder inside, but I find the pump to be a little stiff so I can't get a very controlled amount of product on my hands.  Mine has also leaked a little in the casing which might have been because of it being laid down in the post?

I've mainly been using this on my skin and I've found it to be really nice for when you've got the dreaded winter skin; popping this on before bed is just amazing and I really find that my skin is sorted by the morning.

The oil is, I'm going to contradict myself a bit here, a luminous but murky green and the smell isn't the nicest but I've found that it disappears really quickly so it is fine for me to use.  It's completely natural so what you're getting is a natural colouring and scent.  But because of the colour, it is definitely an oil for the evening, or you might get a yellowy tinge to your skin!

The avocado oil has so many benefits as well, more than what I expected to be honest!  I photographed the box so I just wasn't quoting, but just look....Vitamins A, D and E, and acids!  If reading beauty blogs has taught me anything, skin and acid is just one big positive.  Except for the chemical/science acids...obviously.

I am really trying hard to start looking after my hair, so I really ought to try and get into a routine of using this regularly.  I've used it a few times, but I think to really see the results on my hair, I need a proper regime, especially improving my split ends.  Maybe when and if I get the chop, I'll start properly!  The few times I have used this though, my hair has definitely got an improved shine, seems much more manageable and generally smoother!

I'd definitely buy this again when this bottle runs out, and I have seen that Eden also do a few other oils including Argan, Rosehip and Jojoba.  At the time of writing this, they were updating their website for new product launches so I'll leave their Twitter as you should definitely give them a browse!

Also!  Something I found out whilst looking up general organic products...did you know that it's not illegal for companies to put the word "organic" on their label, even if it isn't organic?  I didn't!  Which is why you need to look out for the soil association logo on packaging as a sign that it is truly organic!  The Eden Organic Avocado Oil has it on the bottle and on the outside box!

What oils do you enjoy using?  Have you tried Avocado Oil?
*This bottle of  Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil was won through a blog giveaway.

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