Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #3

I really don't know why I do this to myself...create these wishlists of all the things I'm loving at the moment when I know that I literally can't afford them.  First of all, I'm meant to be saving for a house with my boyfriend.  The last couple of months haven't gone so well as I've been topping up my winter wardrobe with shoes and coats...  And second of all, it's coming up to Christmas and I have so many people to buy for!  I can't really justify spending money on myself, but...if I slip up...I'll have probably bought one (or more!) of these beauties.


First up, we have the Illasmasqua lipstick in Apocalips.  It's an unusual choice; a gorgeous teal with a matte finish.  But before you question my choice, just Google some swatches.  It looks stunning.  A first look at this bizarre colour might put you off, who wears teal lipstick?  Well Rihanna did for one, but that's not my reasoning for needing it.  Greens are opposite reds in the colour wheel, meaning that green should be just as flattering as a red in theory!  This shade teamed with winter skin, and dark winter clothes seems to be right up my street...and to be honest, I'm not bothered if it's right up anyone elses as I love it!

All of the clothing on this wishlist is from Motel (because I've been insanely stalking their website lately) and the first is this patterned dress.  It's very bold and not something that I'd usually go for, but there's something about it that's making me want to give it a try.  I think this, some sheer black tights, an oversized dark coatigan and some chunky boots would look amazing.

The second dress is this gorgeous plain black dress in a skater style, with a nice Peter Pan lace collar.  I just think that this would be really nice for day to day wear and would again work nicely with my trusty chunky boots.

The fourth thing on my Wednesday Wishlist...this stunning Jouer limited edition palette.  Jouer isn't a brand I've tried before, but I've read so much about it.  This is the In the Red palette, and it doesn't even need explaining.  Look at it!  Connectable pieces of gorgeousness, and they're just screaming my name.  This would be perfect for winter parties, or perfecting your flawless Snow White look - neutral eyes, rosy cheeks and bold lips.  Be. Mine. Now.

Another seasonal screamer for me is the new Jo Malone Peony Blush Suede cologne.  I had a sample of this through the post when I ordered my Mums birthday present and it smells amazing.  It's the perfect mix of floral and musky and is something that I would wear a lot through winter.

To finish my somewhat seasonal ending to this wishlist...this amazing dress from Motel.  Sparkles and sequins are again something that I wouldn't normally go for, I tend to go for the more grungey look, but this would be the perfect party dress.  I'd either go for sky high heels, or tone down the sparkle with some high wedge boots.

So what do we think? Do I save or spend, spend, spend?!

As I am part of the Motel Rocks Street Team, I have a discount code available for all of my readers for a handy 20% off at Motel Rocks!  Just enter ceejayell at the checkout for discount across all Motel branded products.

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