Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Outfit Planning #1

So on Saturday, I'm going out for a meal with friends followed by some drinks around town.  I've been pretty good lately, and haven't been spending as I'm taking part in the #roseenospend spending ban!  I have done so well and I don't think I've bought anything I shouldn't have since I went shopping in Meadowhall, and that was pre spending ban!  I might have made a couple of cheeky purchases since my thirty days have been technically up, as in starting from my last spree, but maybe I've not quite reached my thirty days from joining the spending ban.

Anyway, I've been outfit planning and I've been trying to keep it cheap and cheerful, whilst still getting a good casual outfit in there.  I didn't want an outfit especially for this occasion, but one that I could get plenty of wear from.


The first thing I have bought, which arrived today, is this tartan dress.  I was a bit wary in case it didn't match the photograph; I specifically picked this tartan dress over all the others on eBay, as it had the dark running through, which I thought didn't make it quite so garish and in your face compared to other tartan dresses that just use the red and black.  I am 5 ft 7/8 and I will point out that this dress is so much shorter than I wanted it to be!  It definitely looks longer on the image, so I want to team it with some thick black tights, probably Primark Super Cosy, and some chunky boots.  Enter Heel Berry.

My last Wednesday Wishlist featured Topshop Argo boots, but these are well out of my price range right now, so I spotted these beauts on Heel Berry.  They're very similar to what I initially wanted, minus a strap or two, but they are so nice!  I've just ordered these tonight, and they come with free delivery, so I shall report back on the quality of these once they arrive!

As the dress is patterned, I wanted a plain but striking necklace.  I hate plain necklaces when you have a statement piece of clothing on that blends in, and you might has well have not bothered at all.  This is a raw crystal necklace which is on a twenty inch chain.  I am so excited to get this!

What do you think of this Saturday night plan?  Anything catch your eye?

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