Monday, 30 September 2013

Adventure Time: Graduation

I am pretty late doing this post considering that my graduation was actually at the beginning of September!  You might have already seen some photos if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, if not, links are to the right, come follow and I promise you get to see pictures of my dog, cups of tea and some make up thrown in for good measure.

It's Freshers week at the University of Lincoln this week - this is where I went and I loved it.  In fact, I beyond loved it.  I almost wish that I had failed a year just so I got to go back for another year - and not even to be a lazy, bed-ridden student!  I want to go back to my classes!  If you're looking for a uni this year, look no further because Lincoln is amazing and you need to go.  Plus, you get to graduate at Lincoln Cathedral - amazing.

I graduated on the 5th September and it was the sunniest day ever!  So hot, especially under all those layers.  I spent ages planning what to wear and I knew I wanted a dress, and some pointy heels.  Obviously you get your black cap and gown, but the Lincoln colours for the hood was bright blue and yellow.  Lucky for me, cobalt blue has been a trending colour this season so there was plenty to choose from!  I went with a dress from Oasis, and you can find it and see it better online here - it was £45 but I think I got it with a student discount offer.

I wore ASOS Pasha Heels which were exactly what I was looking for, and for a bargain price of £25.  I even managed student discount on these too!  But...wide footed ladies, these are not for you.  Christ these are narrow, I had to full on talc my fat feet up to wedge them in the shoes because I didn't have time to find other shoes which were perfect in all aspects, including fit!  They were killing my feet by the end of the day!

I kept accessories simple, and opted for a gold cuff necklace from Dorothy Perkins.  I can't find this on the website to show you, but I believe it cost £10, and I've had a lot of wear out of it since I bought it!  Before I took these photographs, I actually had my first proper use of my Enrapture Heated Rollers, which I loved!  I am a total hair novice, but these were amazing and after a bit of practice, were pretty easy to use!  Sadly though, my hairspray didn't keep the curls in and they dropped pretty quickly...but my hair did look briefly amazing compared to my normal bolt straight hair.

Are you applying to University, or have you just graduated?  What do you think of my outfit?


  1. Congratulations, how exciting and the beginning of new adventures! Xx

    1. Thank you! I'm a little nervous! Would love to be back at uni! x