Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist #2

Well it has been a while hasn't it...  Since starting this blog, I've ran into so many troubles which have managed to stop me posting as often as I would have liked!  First it was the internet which was down for five weeks, and within a week of it being back up, my laptop screen smashed!  Disaster.  But I'm back now, got plenty lined up, and even have a special guest post lined up reviewing a new product!

I am currently taking part in a spending's going well so far, but the cold is kicking in and I'm desperately in need of new clothes which will break my spending ban.  But necessities are necessities.  Only one of the things in this wish list is actually needed...the other I just desperately want!  If anyone wants to keep track of my spending ban, there is a group of us doing it under #roseenospend.  Come check it out, and be sure to check out Sophie's blog here.  She has just uploaded a great outfit for winter which also ought to be added to this wishlist!


Onto the wishlist.  I am absolutely needing MAC's Lady Danger in my life.  Right now.  I very nearly caved and bought it when there was a discount week at work, and I could have got my staff discount on top of the store discount!  But I long for though is another thing altogether.  It's a gorgeous matte orange, and it was actually Kate from the Minted Beauty who convinced me that I needed it!  (You can find her blog here, also an ace read!)

The second make up item on my wishlist is the Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes in Whopping Willow.  I've never actually owned any Clinique make up before, but their Chubby Sticks for lips have always tempted me.  This though...I tried it in store the other weekend and it is such a gorgeous shade that is perfect for Autumn!  It's a greeny gold shade, and actually matches my current nail polish which is Topshop's Hidden Treasure - you might have seen already on Instagram!

THIS COAT.  Now I'm not convinced on just this picture.  I don't think that it will be very flattering on me zipped up like this.  I need it though because I love the colour, and I'm hoping it will look amazing unzipped with a huge chunky knit scarf and plenty of layers!  This is the thing on my wishlist that I need because I don't have any nice coats, just very old jackets!  I've managed to get myself 25% discount as well with this months Elle magazine, which means that I've DEFINITELY got to buy this...I love girl maths.

Next up is Raw Skincare Skin Serum.  My skin is misbehaving (again!) and I'd love to give this a go.  It's handmade with 100% natural ingredients, and is said to visibly improve the look and feel of your skin using active ingredients!  There's a few more things on Raw Skincare I'd like to try (Little Muddies, I'm looking at you!) which I might have to get come pay day, and when this spending ban is over of course.

Finally, these Topshop boots...ohhh, these just are made for my feet.  They've sold out online at the moment, but to be honest, I love every colour they come in so would be happy with any.  But this black pair would get the most wear.  At £92 this is a big spend, but one that I'm willing to work hard and save for!  I hope they come back in stock soon!

What do you think of my picks?  Is there anything that I need to add?


  1. The colour of that coat is amazing! That would definitely get rid of my winter blues xx

    1. Definitely! Another reason that I must buy it! x

  2. I don't usually brown River Island but when I did I spotted this coat and fell in love too! Its amazing Xx

    Ps, well done on the spending ban, I need some of your will power.

    Olivia -

    1. I know, I find it a bit hit and miss! But I love this!

      Thank you! We'll see how much longer I can keep it up! x

  3. That coat is absolutley stunning, I want it, nay I NEED it!