Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Garnier Pure Active Intensive Anti Spot 24 Hour Moisturiser

You might remember a few weeks back that I posted about the Garnier Pure Active Moisturiser in my Superdrug haul.  Well I've been using it since I bought it, which is about a month!  I'm here to report back.

It comes in a very practical container, comfortable to hold and I've even managed to squeeze it into my make up bag due its small size.  It also has a pump for dispensing the product, which I prefer to pots as I think they're more hygienic.

I have oily skin which is prone to break outs.  The last time I used this, I thought it was a God send and then forgot all about it until I spotted it again in Superdrug.  I had high expectations for it as I remembered it being so good last time, but this time I'm just not so sure on how to feel about it!

The moisturiser itself isn't particularly moisturising; it was great when the weather was hot, as it was nice and refreshing.  I put this down to it being a spot fighting moisturiser, so I think it leaves that fresh 'my skin has just been deep cleaned' feeling behind.  It also contains Salicyclic Acid, which helps to purify your skin.  This also makes it good at mattifying skin, but I prefer other moisturisers for this purpose.  Back to moisturising, now it's turning colder, I can't feel any nourishment on my skin, and it feels like I've skipped a step in my skincare regime.  So whilst this was amazing for summer, I think your skin might need something a little extra in this weather.

As far as spot fighting goes, I've had quite bad skin for about three weeks now, and it has only just cleared up this week.  I read a few weeks back that skin actually takes a month to regenerate, so if you've been using new skincare, the effects of using that won't take effect until the new skin surfaces which does coincide with my results from this, if that is in fact true - feel free to correct me.  One of the selling points is that you have noticeable results from day one, which I personally didn't, but keep at it!

I think I will carry on using this, and maybe even give in to another repurchase to see if it keeps my bad skin at bay!

Have you tried Garnier Pure Active?  What products would you recommend for spot prone skin?

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