Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beauty Comparison: A MAC Sumptuous Olive Dupe?

A few weeks ago now, I won a MAC eyeshadow on Katie's blog Sugarfixx Beauty.  I chose the shade Sumptuous Olive, as it is one I hadn't heard much about, but had once seen on a Youtube video and fell in love with the shade.  It wasn't until I had chosen it as my prize that I started to panic after seeing comparisons to Sumptuous Olive and a shade from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette, which I already had...

MAC Sumptuous Olive Dupe

I wanted my first MAC eyeshadow to be a shade that I didn't already own, so naturally I felt a little disheartened that I had unwittingly chosen something I supposedly already had.  Last week, my prize arrived with the postman and I was relieved to find that Sumptuous Olive is definitely not a dupe for the shade from the Comfort Zone palette.

MAC Sumptuous Olive Dupe

Right...finger swatching, they do look pretty similar, I'll give you all that.  On the left we have MAC's Sumptuous Olive, and on the right is the eyelid shade from the right side of the Comfort Zone palette.  You can see though that MAC has a brown undertone to it, with a gold shimmer running through it - sort of an antique bronze?  Whereas the Wet n Wild shade definitely has a lot more green in it.

MAC Sumptuous Olive Dupe

The real difference is when the shade is blended out a bit.  Believe it or not, the shade on the top of my wrist is the MAC Sumptuous Olive.  The shades are completely different when reflecting light.  In some lights, the MAC and Wet n Wild shades are similar, but what makes the MAC stand out is its ability to transform from your somewhat standard golden khaki, to a beautiful golden copper.  It's nothing like any other shade that I own, and I am so pleased with it.  If you were thinking that you would save and go for the Comfort Zone "dupe," don't - whilst I love my Comfort Zone palette, Sumptuous Olive is just perfect.

Have you been disappointed/relieved from any supposed dupes?  Does MAC or Wet n Wild get your vote?

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