Sunday, 16 March 2014

Coming Soon: Tarte on QVC

This month we found out that Sephora now ships to the UK.  The only thing that I could possibly think that I needed to try were the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes.  I browsed the Sephora website, but couldn't bring myself to splash out £75 on things I might like to get a flat £10 delivery charge.  Luckily for us UK girls, QVC have answered our prayers and a selection of the Tarte range is making it's way to the UK on the 28th March!

Aside from my picks which I'll talk about in a second, there is a really good range to give us all a good taste of Tarte.  The packaging is amazing, the products are said to be perfection and I'm way too excited.  I've never bought anything from QVC before, or anything from the TV in fact, but I just can't bring myself to miss the opportunity to get my hands on some of the most coveted Tarte products!  The Tarte range is priced in the higher end of the scale, as you'd expect, but I think it's a fair price to pay.  There's also some real bargains in there - you can find a set of three Amazonian Butter lipsticks for £20, as well as the Sultry Sunset Amazonian Clay Eight Shadow Collectors Palette for £24!  I could put the entire QVC Tarte range in my basket, but I've narrowed it down to just three products...although one product appears four times - I know, what a cheater!

The Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Air Brush Foundation (£27.34) is "an airbrush foundation which delivers flawless, natural coverage that lasts, while invigorating tone and texture for youthful looking skin."  I've read lots of reviews on this, and it seems to be perfect for my oily skin.  The mineral powder makes this into a mattifying foundation, which is easily buildable on the coverage side.  It also comes with a really stubby, dense kabuki brush designed to really buff this into your skin for a flawless finish.  The only downside to ordering from QVC is that I don't know which shade would best match my skintone, so it'll be a risk that I'll just have to take!

I also picked the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse (£16.20).  I've not been blessed with huge brows, and the ones I've got are a bit patchy because I got carried away plucking them when I was younger.  I usually just use the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil to fill in any gaps, but I often find that my shade (dark brown) is way too warm and often comes out auburn compared to my actual brows.  Pencils can also be quite harsh and unnatural, so I'm looking forward to having the chance to try a different type of brow filler.  I've never used anything other than a pencil, so a brow mousse would be nice to try and hopefully would be ideal for making a natural brow.

Of course the Amazonian Clay Blushes (£26.50) would had to make an appearance.  If I ever go back to America, I always said I'd pick up two shades which would be Tipsy and Exposed.  However, recently I've spotted Natural Beauty which is a gorgeous red toned blush that I think would be a pretty close match to my natural flush and would be perfect for bringing some colour to cheeks in the colder months and Flush which is an amazing berry toned blush.  Tipsy, a beautiful coral shade is gorgeous for the warmer months and Exposed is an amazing natural toned blush, which whilst it looks pretty brown in the pan is ideal for no makeup makeup days or a natural contour.  

I doubt I will pick all four of these up, but it'l be a tough call to choose which ones make the cut!  Essie Button recently did an amazing post where she swatched all the Tarte blushes she had, and all of these shades are there if you wanted to investigate the shades for yourself!

Will you be picking up anything Tarte from QVC?  What's on your Tarte Wishlist?

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