Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Making A Change: Weight Wins

Before I start on todays post, I just want to apologise for my lack of posting the last few weeks.  As you know, Liam and I moved into our house a few weeks ago, so everything has been a bit hectic, I don't know where anything is and have no internet or phone signal to be very sociable!  So sorry again, but thank you for still hanging around!

A few weeks ago, I was reading Sophia's blog, Tattooed Tealady, where she spoke of her Non-Scale Victories.  As we all know, I've been trying to slim down and lose some weight to get into the healthy category of my BMI, as well as just feel generally happier in myself.  My weight this morning was eleven stone and thirteen pounds, which means...I've finally made my small starter goal!  My next target is going to be eleven stone seven, so hopefully I'll be meeting that one day this year!

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Now I've made me first weight loss goal, I thought I'd take a bit of inspiration from Sophia, and share with you some of my non-scale victories!
  1. When I first started the gym, I couldn't do a push up.  At all.  Not a chance of that happening.  Now, I think I can push out around five.
  2. I recently started Spin Circuits class.  When I first started last month, I absolutely hated it.  I was out of breath within the first minute and wasn't able to keep up with the gears, never mind actually staying stood up or hovering.  This week, I managed to be out of my seat when every else was, for as long as they were, as well as being able to be on the same gears.  I might not be as fast as everyone else, but it's certainly improving!  I also thought Spin would be right at the top of the list of classes I'd never do, but I challenged myself and I actually think I like it!
  3. Before blogging, I would be in a size sixteen jean.  The waist would always hang loose because my thighs and ass were right out there, so I needed to get the size up!  I then managed to slim down a little and fit comfortably into a pair of high waisted, size fourteen jeans - all areas fitting.  Now, my size fourteen jeans fit my legs, but hang loose again around my waist again.  Maybe one day soon, I'll manage to fit into a size twelve!  
  4. I need new work out clothes because the ones I have at the moment no longer fit.  I am spending half my time in these classes hitching up my gym trousers!
  5. I'm not tired all the time.  Exercising really does give you energy!  In fact, I've started waking up naturally at around seven o'clock, every day.  This time last year, I was at University napping at every chance I got, laying in bed all day and generally doing nothing despite having had a gym membership for two years.

It's important to remember that the scales aren't everything!  My scales are very basic; I'd love to own a pair of scales which details muscle mass, fat percentage and water weight so I can get a scale confirmation of how my body is changing, even if my weight isn't!

How are your weight loss/health goals going?

(I still won't have internet for at least the next week, but hopefully soon all will be back to normal with posting!  I've got so much to show you all!)

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