Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #7: Homeware Wishing & Cheeky Reader Discount Code

As you know, I recently (I keep saying recently, but in actual fact it was May I moved in...still can't believe how quickly time has gone!) moved into my first home with Liam!  Whilst we've bought all of our main pieces of furniture, our house doesn't quite feel like a home yet because it's lacking in all the nice little decorative pieces that make our house ours.

Ask Her Friends Discount Code

A few weeks ago, I remembered a website I came across a while back called Ask Her Friends!  It is an online shop with lots of gorgeous little pieces on!  It's designed to be a one stop destination where people can go to find a gift for women - the story behind the website is quite funny, but what a clever idea and I know plenty of men that will appreciate this service!  This aside, I'm looking for things to put in my house!

Ask Her Friends Voucher Code Discount

I have found these glass box lanterns which I really, really love.  I think these would look really nice in my fireplace in the guest bedroom.  It's all open brick, but can't be used - so these maybe stacked on some cool books or something would look really nice in there, or failing that, the window sill!  We don't have any furniture in there yet apart from a bed, but I imagine when we get a really low bedside table, they'd also be nice there too!  For £16.99 I can't go wrong here can I - simple, and will literally look amazing anywhere.

This Spineless Adventure Classics Print is unlike anything I had ever seen before.  I really love the idea of this as it's an entire book with the text so small that it fits onto one rather large page.  Typography prints are something I'm seeing a lot of in homeware sections, and I'm just not really a huge fan, but this one is completely different and has The Lost World novel on one page.  I will probably buy my own frame from elsewhere, but this would fit really nicely into my dining room, above my bookshelves opposite my T-Rex head.  

These metal sphere fairy lights are also taking my fancy.  They'll probably end up in the guest bedroom again, because I want a mint and metallics theme running through there.  I think these will pair up really nicely with the chunky low bed I recently bought.

One thing I didn't think I'd find on here because I was so interested in the home section were these gorgeous pair of origami crane earrings.  I have my lobes pierced three times in each ear, but currently wear no earrings - I love the 2D origami bird, and love the geometric shape!  And they're safe to use for those who get sore earrings using cheap studs!

A bit more of a luxury purchase now, and I might have to crack this on the Christmas list and I would have to be very lucky to receive it...the Jo Malone Air of Luxury Gift Set.  This contains a Wild Fig and Cassis Candle, a Red Roses Scent Surround Spray and my favourite scent ever...the Pomegranate Noir Scent Surround Diffuser.  Need I say more?  Jo Malone smells bloody amazing.  Especially Pomegranate Noir.

Now!  Onto the best bit.  Ask Her Friends have kindly offered to give my readers a discount when buying from their store!  Don't worry - this isn't a sponsored post at all, and I'm not being paid/gifted with anything if you fancied buying something to treat yourself or someone else, I'm just here to share with you my favourite bits from the shop, and offer you some tasty discount!  Hurrah!

Enter the code CEE for £5 to spend at Ask Her Friends
Enter the code JAY for £10 off when you spend £30 or more!

The discount is valid until midnight on the 31st October 2014, soooo what are you waiting for?  I hope you find something you love!

Have you been on Ask Her Friends before?  Don't forget to share with me what you've bought!

PS.  Beauty Lovers...they also stock some Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown...y'know...don't want to enable or anything, but you might want to check out that beauty section!

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