Monday, 16 March 2015

Hyped: The Maybelline Champions

You might be sick of reading about these two.  I won't lie, I am too and often skip on by the reviews of the On and On Bronze Color Tattoos and the Eraser Eye Concealer because how many times can you read the same thing over and over again.  I avoided the hype particularly on the Color Tattoo's for what must have been years and here I am...I've finally given in.

Maybelline On and On Bronze Color Tattoo Eraser Eye Concealer Review

So let's start with On and On Bronze as this was the one I was definitely most excited to try.  The majority of my eyeshadow collection are powder.  In fact, this is one of only two cream eyeshadow to grace my stash.  The shade itself is great; easy wearing, perfect for wearing every day, it adds a subtle gleam to the lids which I think can be easily built up to pack a real bronze if you fancied for the evening.  It's pretty much been a go to for me in all honesty!  The Color Tattoos leave a beautiful sheen to the eyes which I think can only look nicer as it gets into the warmer months - think a more wearable, every day version of the MAC Eye Glosses.  This all said...I don't think I'll be picking up any more shades because my heart has already been stolen by the Jouer Long Wear Creme Eyeshadow as mentioned in my January Favourites.  The Maybelline texture feels almost like Vaseline compared to the mousse like cream shadows from Jouer, and whilst the Maybelline Color Tattoos are long wearing, the Jouer version beats it and dries to a nice powder finish.

Maybelline On and On Bronze Swatch Review

The Maybelline Eraser Concealer...damn it took me a long time to get hold of this one because it was constantly sold out.  I went for the shade Light, and I actually really do quite like it.  It really brightens under my eyes and conceals dark circles nicely.  I wouldn't say it's a completely flawless concealer - it's definitely a natural looking concealer and isn't completely opaque but I quite like that, even for covering blemishes because it just gives a natural finish.  I love wearing this on the weekends without foundation too - it brightens my entire complexion and just makes everything seem a bit nicer.  

I also don't see why everyone is moaning about the fuzzy applicator tip being unhygienic - if anything, it's more hygienic than doe foot applicators, because you're not dipping the wand back into the product and contaminating it.  It's no different to any other concealer unless you're telling me you honestly wash your wand.  It looks grubby because it's not white like when you bought it and the tip can touch the inside of the cap, but I think that it applies really nicely so no complaints here from me.  I have found though that this settles pretty much on application into fine lines around my eyes.  I'll often apply it, set it, finish the rest of my make up and have to go back and buff the creases out with a setting brush before leaving the house and then I'm good for most of the day.  I think I'd buy this again, but I might try out a few other concealers before committing to this one...

Have you given into the hype too?  What are your thoughts?

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