Monday, 17 February 2014

Adventure Time: Valentines Week

Well I have been taking the mick a bit haven't I!  Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I have been a very busy bee!  The week before last, I had a very busy week at work and lots of deadlines to meet, so blogging was the last thing on my mind when I got home, I just wanted to sit and do nothing which, apart from going to some gym classes, I did!

Last week, Liam and I both booked the week off from work so we could spend some time together and just mess around doing whatever we fancied!  We usually don't do much for Valentines Day because we're just not bothered, maybe a meal out somewhere or something, but this week off fell on the week of Valentines Day, so we called it our Valentines Week!

One of the things we had planned to do was finish our snow boarding lessons, so we booked those at Xscape in Castleford.  Our predictable hotel choice was Premier Inn - we stay in one at every possible opportunity!  It was great for getting to Xscape because it was just across the car park.  We didn't have snow boarding booked until the Monday, so we managed to get some cocktails in on the Sunday evening!  We started at Burgers & Cocktails by Giraffe where it happened to be Happy Hour!  We had an amazing Peach Melba Ice Cream Smoothie thing when we were there last, so thought we'd try out their alcoholic treats!  My favourite was definitely the Bubble Gum Slurpee!

We then had our tea at TGI Fridays (and again on Monday...) and a few more cocktails in there.  We don't have a TGI Fridays nearby where we live, so going there is always a treat for us!  We had nachos to share, and my usual choice of garlic chicken with a cheesey mash, and Liam had a burger.  Once again, I broke a blogging rule and didn't photograph my food before eating it, but I have zero self control.  After our meal, we went to the arcades and played on a few penny pushers and a toy grabber where I WON.  Never in my life have I won on one of these, but here I am with my prize.  I literally screamed when I realised it wasn't going to be let go.  What a saddo!

Snowboarding was amazing, but so tiring!  You aren't allowed a camera in the SnoZone area, so unfortunately I have no pictures!  We did our first two levels in April last year for Liam's birthday, and because I started working seven days a week shortly after, it got hard to get back to Castleford to finish off our lessons!  It was three hours of falling over, skidding about and knee bending with maybe a little skill thrown in!  To top it all off, ITV News were filming there during our lesson because of the Winter Olympics so if you're in that region, you might have seen me in the background of an interview with my boarding boot stuck on my board!!

Liam managed to pass both his level three and four, but I have to go back and do my level four again because the steeper slope was just too scary!  When you snowboard, to slow yourself down you need to lean into the slope because if you lean away from the hill, you speed up - it was a bit hard to get my head around, but on the smaller gradients I was feeling pretty confident!

Over the week, we didn't really do much, just enjoyed spending time together and watching cartoons!  But we did start to enjoy ourselves cooking our evening meals.  I got Liam a burger recipe book for Christmas, and we used it for the first time this week.  We made cheese stuffed burgers, but also slipped some bacon in with the cheese.  I swear they were the best burgers I've ever had - so tasty, I don't even have an after photo, but that just gives me an excuse to make them again and share our adapted recipe with you all!

On the Wednesday, we decided that we would take a trip to Cleethorpes for a day by the sea.  We didn't go for long, but had some seaside fish and chips and spent our afternoon in the arcades on our favourite ever penny pusher - PacMan Pac Ball.

Saturday was another busy day for us!  Our friend Katie has just moved house, so we went over for a house warming party and a night out in Sheffield.  We went to Leadmill, had a few too many drinks, went on a bucking bronco (twelve whole seconds I managed...pretty impressed!) and then got taxis back to hers!  The next day we didn't leave until quite late, but spent the day eating, obsessing over milkshakes and then played some Nintendo 64!

I'm back at work now, which is horrendous having had an amazing week off, and I can see this week going really slowly, but I have lots of things to blog about so I'm sure I'll end my days on a high!  Apart from when I am at the gym, working off the possible half stone I gained whilst eating like a King for a week.

What did you do for Valentines Day?

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