Wednesday, 19 February 2014

HealGel Intensive

For the last month or so, my skin has been graced with an amazing product - the HealGel Intensive*.  It's not often that I am particularly bowled over by a skin care product, and usually hop from brand to brand picking up whatever I fancy or whatever is on offer at the time, but HealGel is something else.

HealGel Intensive Review

As we know, I have oily skin which is often ruined with blemishes.  My spots are much easier to control now I'm older and am embracing a proper skincare routine, but I still have some scarring from old, bigger blemishes.  I must admit that I don't help myself though in the scarring department as I am a picker - I hate the thought of a big black head or white spot standing on my face for all to see, and I know it's a terrible habit, and I know people can't see what I see, but...well I'm just working on it.

HealGel has been cropping up a lot on blogs lately, and I can just about say that all the positivity surrounding this product, and no doubt the two others that are part of the Heal Gel range (Face and Eye), are totally justified.  This is a product that I definitely need in my life forever now.  At £37.50, it's very pricey for the 30mls that you get, but it's not a product that I use daily, only as and when needed.  I find that two pumps of product covers my face and neck properly, but you can use this to target specific areas that need it most.  I won this particular bottle on a giveaway, but I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again myself.

HealGel Intensive Review

HealGel Intensive has worked better on my acne and blemishes than any other spot treatment that I have tried, trust me - I've tried a LOT of treatments, as well as prescription medicines and tablets from the doctors and this little serum has really cleared up my skin.  It's made with a perfect blend of active ingredients which helps to soothe irritation, reduce redness and puffiness, helps repair the skin and helps to increase the skins natural collagen production!

HealGel Intensive ReviewOn first use, my skin looked glowing and to me, noticeably plumper.  I felt fresh, clean and the light fragrance was really refreshing.  I love the light, gel texture which is absorbed easily into the skin, leaving little residue.  It's perfect for use in the morning as a make up base, and is very hydrating.  I also found that when used under my make up, it acted similar to that of a primer and definitely kept my shine at bay.  I'd love to try the other products in the range, and if anything, I really hope that they release some sort of body gel as I have the worst acne scarring on my back as that would be something I would definitely invest in - HealGel, if you're listening...pretty please!

Have you tried any of the HealGel products? What's your skin saviour?
*This HealGel was won through a Twitter giveaway.

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