Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Abel Organics Vintage '13 Eau de Parfum

I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but my freaking God this packaging is bloody gorgeous.  This is a limited fragrance from Abel Organics, and it is the Vintage '13.  The simple, recycled glass bottle is housed in protective, reclaimed oak casing with what looks like a little laser etched Abel logo.  It even comes beautifully wrapped in recycled paper packaging instead of a box!

A while back now, after declaring my love for the aesthetics, I was offered a small sample of Vintage '13 - only 2000 bottles of Vintage '13 were made, so I was very lucky to have obtained a vial!  It is a fragrance for both men and women, but the fragrance isn't one for everybody, and the brand are first to admit that.  I absolutely love it.  For me, it's definitely not a Summer fragrance, but for Winter, it's perfect.  With top notes of clove, bergamot and black pepper, middle notes of ginger, thyme and vanilla and base notes of Vetiver, Sandalwood and Amyris, this is warming, spicy and sensual.  Vintage '13 is believed to be the first 100% organic fragrance, produced with completely natural ingredients.

I want to say it's almost a Christmassy fragrance, but I feel as though I would wear this all the way through the colder months.  From the amount of Vinatge '13 that I had, I found that the scent was very long lasting and it even had the seal of approval from Liam - although, it's not one that he would wear despite it being a unisex fragrance.  At around £94 for 50ml, this isn't the cheapest of perfumes, so if you are interested, I'd definitely recommend ordering the sample vial for just over £4.  It is a lot to pay for a sample vial, but not as much as you would pay for the full size to not love it - the stockists of Abel are very select and there is only one in the UK, which is in London.

Whilst the fragrance might not be for everyone, I genuinely believe that Abel Organics is a brand to watch out for.  It is clear to see that each and every aspect of the fragrance has been carefully planned, and executed.  If studying Product Design taught me one thing, it's that translating your brand into your products is quite difficult, but the aims and values of the brand have been perfectly demonstrated in Vintage '13 and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Seriously, go and check out their website - the story of Abel and Vintage '13 is a really nice read and it's great to see a brand being so crystal clear in everything that they've done, as well as really setting out the journey of an idea for everyone to see.

Have you tried Abel Vintage '13?

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