Thursday, 8 May 2014

Converted to Reverse Hair Washing

I have seen the word 'co-washing' thrown around the internet for a while now.  I first read about products specifically appearing for the purpose of co-washing - conditioner washing, in which you ditch your shampoo once or twice a week and just cleanse with a nourishing conditioner.  But I've more recently read about reverse washing - washing your hair with conditioner before you use shampoo.  Co-washing didn't appeal to me at all.  I have fine hair, which is pretty thin, it's naturally straight, a bit flat and does get greasy ridiculously quickly.  The idea of washing my hair in a rich conditioner just didn't make me think clean hair, it made me imagine grease, and lots of it.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling particularly daring and decided to reverse wash my hair.  I applied my conditioner, concentrating on the mid lengths and ends, rinsed and then worked my hair into a nice lather with my shampoo.  On drying I was actually really surprised.  My hair didn't feel dry at all and felt super clean.  I felt like I could see every hair strand where as normally it all blends together.  My hair felt totally smooth, and normally I have a bit of frizz but everything was smoothed into place!  I didn't notice any extra volume on my roots, but my mid lengths and ends, which are normally weighed down with conditioner residue, definitely had a lot more body.  My flat roots were easily fixed with some volumising hair mousse.

I'm completely a reverse hair wash convert, and have been reverse washing every single time!  My hair is getting all the nourishment from the conditioner still, but it's not being weighed down with any residue because shampooing after completely cleanses the hair.  If you have fine hair like me, or if you find conditioner too heavy, I'd completely recommend trying this because I think you'll be surprised!

Have you tried reverse washing?  What's your top hair care tip?

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