Wednesday, 21 May 2014

MAC X Marge Simpson: Packaging Design

This post is  a little bit different...  I don't tend to blog about upcoming collections from brands.  I love reading what's coming up, but when a MAC collection is being released, my Bloglovin' feed is filled with the same thing - the promo shots.  Being a designer, when I heard about the MAC X Marge Simpson line coming later this year, not only did the beauty addict in me get excited for what might be coming our way, but my design intuition kicked in.  I instantly started imagining what I would do if I was working for MAC; what products would I release to represent Marge Simpson, and just as importantly, how I would package it.

MAC have been getting a lot more creative with their packaging lately.  Their latest collection, Alluring Aquatic, was a gorgeous, metallic turquoise with realistic 3D water droplets .  Although I don't own any of this collection, I was seriously in awe of the packaging and how MAC translated the theme of the collection through the selection.

I decided I would do a quick mock up sketch as to how I would package a MAC X Marge Simpson lipstick. I mentioned this on Twitter lately, and got some nice feedback.  I went straight for the obvious; The Simpsons is a well known animation - we've all watched it and we've all grown up with it!  The collection is a celebration of 25 years of The Simpsons!  They're older than me!  (When I was younger, I used to get an annual every Christmas detailing all the episodes!)  I wanted to bring the animation across in the lipstick packaging, and created a simplistic, recognisable figure of Marge.  I used the base of the lipstick as her green dress, the usual silver rim was replaced for Simpson skin yellow, and the removable cap is textured, bright blue Marge hair.  I also slipped in a sneaky orange MAC logo to act as a little reference to her necklace!

MAC Simpsons Packaging Design

I'm so excited for this collection, and I absolutely can't wait to see what they bring out!  I'm definitely hoping to get my hands on some of it, even if it's just one piece!  I hope you all liked my mock up!

What are your guesses for the MAC X Marge Simpson Collection?

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