Monday, 4 August 2014

Bleach London DIY Dip Dye Kit

Bleach London is a brand I've constantly admired, but a brand that I never thought I'd dip my toes into.  I've done a lot to my hair in the past, and have dyed my hair on and off for years, but bleaching my hair was never something I thought I'd do.  I was scared blonde wouldn't suit me, and I feared the damage that bleaching could do to my hair.

Bleach London DIY Dip Dye Review Before After

A few weeks ago, I decided to grow a pair and finally jump on the bleaching band wagon by opting for an ombre on my hair.  I am way late to the ombre party, but I just don't care!  I thought about booking in at the hairdressers, but having just got back from holiday, things are a bit tight and to be honest, at home kits can often be just as good!

I did a bit of research before opting for Bleach London's DIY Dip Dye kit, which contained two sachets of bleaching powder, a unique blending lotion to banish the dip line, an intensive moisturising mask (which was amazing!!), brush, gloves and a mixing pot.  I was so, so nervous before bleaching my hair (as you might have seen on my Twitter account) - I have quite dark hair which still has remnants of a red dye from years ago on the bottom two inches of my hair.  I was convinced that I would come out with a botched bleach job.

Bleach London DIY Dip Dye Review Before After

With a little assistance, the Bleach Kit is surprisingly easy to use.  I think working solo on my hair would have been so difficult, so if you decide to have a go, be sure to have a friend to help!  The results are far better than I ever anticipated, and the colour of my hair has been lifted really well.  I am left with some brassy tones, but I completely expected to be considering how dark my hair was initially.  I left the bleach on for a total of forty minutes, but if I had left it on any longer, the bleach would have started to really damage my hair, and I would have risked some serious breakage.

Bleach London DIY Dip Dye Review Before After

The only downside is the blending lotion, which didn't work out for me as well as I would have liked.  My hair is naturally straight and when I leave it straight now (which I usually do every day) you can clearly see a dip dye line.  I am opting for choppy, textured waves in my hair from now on which is hopefully disguising and blending in the bleaching line.  Despite my worries though, I've had lots of compliments on my hair since doing it, and a couple of people have even asked where I got it done - hurrah for at home dyes!

I'll be picking up a toner to make it a touch lighter, but in the mean time I've picked up a silver shampoo and conditioner which is helping calm down the brassiness.  I might even throw on another kit in the next few weeks as it cost me just £7.00  from Boots, which compared to salon prices is a total bargain.  Maybe I'll have a play with the Super Cool Colours too - I've always wanted some pastel shades on my hair, and maybe someday soon I'll be brave enough to test those waters!  But I might opt for taking a trip to the Bleach London salon to do a full head of colour!

Have you tried anything from Bleach London?

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