Thursday, 17 July 2014

CEE JAY ELL's First Birthday

Where on earth has this year gone??

I don't know what happened, or how it happened, but somehow I've been blogging for one whole year today!  I wasn't going to bother mentioning it at all, because I see how so many bloggers hold birthday giveaways and unfortunately, this birthday is not one of those birthdays.  But y'know...I wanted to do a quick post.

When I started out a year ago, I honestly thought I would be blogging to myself.  I created my first post, and had no idea anybody would actually be interested in what my wishlist was that week, and I certainly didn't expect any readers other than Liam!  I didn't tell my friends about my blog, and barely mentioned it to my Mum, in fact I still don't think she has the link to this day!

So basically, this post is just a quick thank you!  I haven't been the most regular of posters, although it's something I'm aiming to work on this next year, but thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog, thank you for sharing my interests and actually reading what I have to say!  Thank you for following, and thank you for sticking around!

Same time next year?

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