Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The DIY Gift So Perfect, I Cried

I've been in my first home now for...five or six weeks I think!  How fast has that gone?!  We've settled in now, and have all our necessary furniture in but we now just need small decorative bits and pictures up to make the walls look a little less bare.  We first got our keys on the 27th May, and it's so surreal to think that this house is our house.

The evening that we first got our keys, we were sat on the carpet in our empty living room, eating McDonalds and just staring at each other and smiling.  Except, I actually ended up crying because Liam presented me with a tiny black box with the cutest, most perfect moving in present.  

It was this keyring; a personalised keyring, handmade by Liam and it's made from two penny coins.  I didn't realise what it was it first, until he told me to check the dates; a 2004 penny for the year we first got together, and a 2014 penny for the year we bought our first house.  I've never really cried at a gift before, but this was so nice I just couldn't help myself!

They were much more polished when I first got it, but y''s been on my key and I've only now had time to blog about it!  I think I'll polish them up again and maybe seal them with a clear varnish to stop them from tarnishing so easily.  I know you'll be reading Liam, so thank you so much for my keyring!  I absolutely love it!

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