Friday, 11 July 2014

Follow Friday: Life Looks Perfect

I thought I'd try something different this week.  I think that it is fair to say that the blogging community has become a bit tarnished lately with all the gossip going around about who's said what about who on whatever website.  What's done is done, and unfortunately no amount of detective work and mobbing is going to un-do what has been said or take down the website at the heart of it all.

I think that often #FF on Twitter can be overlooked, and whilst some people might get a follower boost on Twitter, it's rare I'll click further than the Twitter profile.  I thought I'd try and do quick interviews with other bloggers to share what I have enjoyed reading every week or so.  Some you'll have probably heard of, but others might be new.

This week, I've loved Becki Dunn from Life Looks Perfect.  I have enjoyed reading Becki's blog for a while now, and actually won the first LLP giveaway!  A top London Florist and part time beauty blogger, Becki has a lovely blog full to the brim of gorgeous pictures, great reviews and a few peeks into her life along with the cutest dog, Arnie.

Follow Friday Life Looks Perfect Blog

Describe your blog in three words.
Personal, truthful, positive.

You can choose one beauty product to stick with for life - no additions, and no cheating!  
This is impossible as I use well over 20 products at least per day. For me it would probably be one of my favourite cleansers - Aurelia Miracle Cleanser. It's a beautiful product and always makes my skin feel a million dollars!

What or who inspired you to start blogging?
I think it was a huge variety of blogs from fashion, food to beauty that was reading and I thought I could do that. Then it began and I have never looked back.

Follow Friday Life Looks Perfect Blog
The Skincare Routine. Night. June 2014
What's your best buy that you bought on a recommendation from another blogger?
I think this again is impossible as although I always listen to bloggers I  hardly ever buy products that people hype about. It takes me a while to really know what I want to buy I like to go test and swatch before a few times to see if it's right for me. However buying Emma Hardies Cleansing Balm and Indeed Labs Hydraluron were certainly an influence from Caroline Hirons and I would buy them again.

Your favourite blogger is coming to visit you, who is it and what are your plans for the day?
I have so many beautiful followers and many wonderful ladies who I talk to regularly on twitter and those bloggers that I could only dream to have round to mine! But if I could I would love Amy and Vicki over from from SRSLY LOU Let's Talk Beauty - they are also good friends over on twitter & we have always spoken about how amazing it would be to meet! I will make it happen one day!

Share the love; who is your Follow Friday this week?
My follow Friday is Kirsty from Fashion For Lunch blog who I met this week and she is fabulous!! 

Follow Friday Life Looks Perfect Blog
Sunday Love. #19. Arnie The Miniature Dachshund
I hope you've found yourself a new read, don't forget to follow, comment and leave your links along with any of your Follow Fridays!  I'll be on the hunt for my next favourite read!

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