Monday, 14 July 2014

Topshop Magic Liner in Yonder

I have updated my Summer make up bag (finally!!) and weaseling it's way into many of my looks this month - the Topshop Magic Liner in the shade Yonder.  You've seen me wear it already in my first Face Facts post, but Yonder is a gorgeous shade as it sits nicely in between a navy and an aqua blue and I absolutely love it.

Topshop Magic Liner Eyeliner in Yonder

I've not tried much from the Topshop cosmetic line, but have heard so many good things about it - I had pretty high hopes, and I don't think I'm disappointed!  The liner has a felt tip applicator, which isn't my favourite as I'm a gel convert and have been for a few years now, but y''s alright.  The nib is nice and long, and even has some slight flexibility in the very tip making it a bit easier to use and create a nice line.

Because I'm so used to the gel liners now, I found it a lot more difficult to get a perfect line, and found that even with the steadiest hand, my line became slightly jagged, but not noticeable unless you're staring right into my eyeballs.  It also didn't apply the most evenly, so application takes a little longer than a swipe and go technique.

Topshop Magic Liner Eyeliner in Yonder

Saying this though, I do really like it.  It's long lasting, and doesn't smudge off half way through the day on it's own - but when I do go to the gym in the evening, and become a big sweaty mess, it's safe to say it's gone completely.  It dries quickly, so I don't get a blue line on the crease of my eye lids which is always a bonus - I hate that!  And the shade is just so nice; I don't own a blue liner, but I think a blue liner will forever be a staple in my make up stash!  For £6.50, you can't really go wrong with this to test the blue waters.  I'd definitely buy it again, but might keep my eyes peeled for a blue gel liner!

Will you be straying from classic black?  What's your go-to eyeliner shade?

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