Friday, 17 January 2014

Butter London The Black Knight

Over the festive and New Year period, this is the nail polish that I was wearing.  I usually hate wearing glitter nail polishes because they are notoriously difficult to remove, but I was literally living in this beauty over the festive period.  It is my first nail polish from Butter London, and this is The Black Knight.

Butter London are "three free" nail polishes and are formulated with no formaldehyde, DBP or Toluene - I had to Google what was so bad about these ingredients, and like practically everything, there have been links with these to cancers in animals so I'm pleased that Butter London are removing these.

So back to The Black Knight...I have never seen a glitter polish like it before, so I was pleased to add it to my collection.  It is a black base with lots of different coloured glitters suspended in it - the glitter is fine grained, so I think it has a slight sandy texture, and I can spy red, blue, pink and silver glitters!

Like the Chanel polishes, these have sneaky grippy caps hidden underneath the original cap so it's easy to hold and use.

I really love this shade, it's a glitter that's not just for Christmas and New Year, you can get away with all year I think.  And if you're a bit wary of using glitter outside of Christmas, this would make an amazing accent nail.  It takes two/three coats to get the shade to go opaque, but you could always put a cheaper black base underneath so you don't use up quite so much product.  I finish mine with a glossy top coat for a high shine feel!  The photo below is without a top coat, and it is just as nice without one!

My only downside to this polish is chipping...  It lasts three days at the most with a top coat, and only lasted me one night without a top coat on my nails, so I've been quite disappointed to be honest.  And it's not small chippage either, they're big chunks missing which I think is really unusual for a glitter polish.  I usually use OPI Nail Envy for my base and top coat, but I think I might experiment with switching my base and top coat to see if Butter London just doesn't agree with Nail Envy.  I bought The Black Knight from Amazon for £12 here!

Have you tried any Butter London nail polishes?  What's your favourite?

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