Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lady Muck Gold Plated Ants Necklace

I'm not really a big fan of gold jewellery, but this necklace is something else.  I don't wear jewellery very often, but when I do it does usually lean towards unique statement pieces.  Before Christmas, I gave my Dad some gentle hints the direct link to something that I really wanted, complete with a discount code in hope that I would get it on Christmas day!  My luck came through (because I bought it myself...) and here it is!

You might have seen this floating around on my Instagram feed, but if you haven't, this is the Gold Plated Ants Necklace from Lady Muck and I love it.  It is on an 18" chain, which if you can't be bothered to measure, is about three horizontal fingers from my collar bone - accurate, I know.

I ought to have taken a photograph before I opened the box, as it arrived beautifully wrapped, but you know...Christmas got in the way of blogging rules and there was no time for photo taking.  The box it comes in though is still gorgeous, recycled packaging with a small, dainty Lady Muck stamp!

Aside from the bold pattern, I love the chain on this necklace.  It's one of those chains that isn't too chunky, but not too dainty so that you don't wear it ever, or if you did, you don't walk around like you've broken your back and are scared to move in case it snaps.  I also love the amazingly glossy gold plating, it's so shiny...yay for shiny!

This Gold Plated Ants Necklace costs £40, which some people might find expensive if you compare it to statement necklaces from high street stores.  But, this is handmade - handmade takes a lot of effort as I've learnt myself, and it is worth every single penny because it's gorgeous!

What do you think of this necklace?  Will you be picking it up?

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