Thursday, 23 January 2014

Murdock London Black Tea Cologne

I have been saving this post for a special occasion, and with Valentines Day fast approaching, it can often be hard to find nice gifts for men.  Men are notoriously difficult to buy for.  It's funny how they always say that women are, when in actual fact women are probably the easiest.  Sure, we're fussy, but the selection  available is overwhelming.

Liam is just ridiculous to buy for.  He's an impulse buyer, and buys the things he wants as he sees them.  So, before Christmas I took a trip down to Somerset House where I had a very quick browse of The Christmas Arcade.  I was mainly looking for little gifts, and was quickly popping my head through each door down the corridor.  

I came across one room that was gorgeously decorated to look like a ski lodge, but poking my head in, all I saw was mens shaving bits and bobs.  Liam has a bit of stubble, but not enough to need full on beard care so I quickly dismissed this room.  As I was pulling myself away to move onto the next room, I was immediately lured back into the room by the most gorgeous scent in the world.

Short on time, I quickly asked the assistant who said it was their Black Tea Cologne.  Well....long story short, I spritzed some on one of those little fragrance sticks, was sniffing it all day and bought it through their online store as soon as I got home as I was too short on time to buy it there and then at Somerset House.  Never in my life have I spent £70 without a second thought.  It was gone, and I'd one hundred percent do it again.

Murdock London describe the scent as "A masculine cologne with notes of leather and tobacco, let it do the talking from day into evening, evoking a mysterious persona. Blended to perfection by our boutique perfumers, Black Tea leads by the nose into the East, inspired by Britain’s legendary spice and tea routes. The essence of the erstwhile British global traveller, reworked for your modern lifestyle. Black Tea is the wanderlust traveller."

Don't worry - Murdock aren't tight on filling the bottle, this has been used!
I'm no fragrance expert, but this is the sexiest scent I've ever had the pleasure of getting a whiff of.  It has top notes of clove, nutmeg, basil and pepper, middle notes of leather and base notes of musty woods, musk and birchtar.  It's not really a gift for Liam, it was one hundred percent a present for me.  And it even comes as a candle.  That'll be mine soon too.

You can buy Murdock London Black Tea here - it's risky buying a scent without prior sniffing, but just trust me.  You will not regret it.

What are your favourite scents for men?  Any other gift ideas for men?
*Note: I bought this as a gift for my Mum sniffed it and bought it as a gift for her husband, and he liked it so much, he bought the candle for his son.  This is bloody nice.  I almost don't want to share's gorgeous.

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