Monday, 27 January 2014

Sunita Mukhi Evil Eye Back Pack

Before Christmas, I had a very nice e-mail from Van Anh Le Thi from Chopstick Panorama letting me know that I had won a Sunita Mukhi bag of my choice!  Well, I've never owned anything designer really or anything particularly expensive so this was an amazing prize.  I wanted to choose something that I could get a lot of use out of, because what's the point in having something if it's going to be hidden away for a special occasion? 

In the end, after careful thought, I opted for this gorgeous back pack which arrived not long after my birthday, so it was very well timed!  Before I go onto the details, let's just take a second to admire the can have a few extra seconds if you like, but there's a few more photos to go.

Made from Vegan Leather, this back pack has been hand finished.  It is beautifully decorated with turquoise stones, sequins and diamantes, with an onyx centre engraved with Sunita Mukhi's logo.  Sequins aren't something that I would usually opt for, neither are diamantes to be honest, but these are so tightly layered that it gives an amazing textured effect which feels and looks luxurious, and combined with the siren red inner lining, it's definitely an elegant piece.

Evil eyes are a big trend for Spring/Summer 2014, and I think this can easily be used both day and in the evening.  I actual paired this for an evening meal with my new Lavish Alice jumper that I mentioned on my ASOS haul, some leggings and chunky boots.  I might recreate that outfit for another post, but we shall see...

The bright stones combined with the striking eye design make this my statement piece for this season, and is a piece that will never be leaving my side!  This back pack isn't actually available just yet so I'm very lucky, but if you start saving your pennies, I'll definitely let you guys know when it is!  Or if back packs aren't your thing, there are some gorgeous clutch bags in the Evil Eye collection which are available now!

What do you all think?  How would you style this?

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