Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Illamasqua Culminate Sheer Lip Gloss

I'm a funny one with lip gloss.  The bright colours, added sparkle or high shine always attracts my attention, but just as I'm about to reach for one and ram it into my basket, I always remember that I bloody hate lip gloss.  As smooth and as shiny as it looks, all of the lip glosses I've tried in the past have been one big, sticky mess and it's a mess that I can't stand - especially you Soap and Glory with your Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses!

This Illamasqua lip gloss in Culminate is one that I followed from the initial concept to the finished product.  I'm sure that you will all know that it is part of their Creators collection and was designed by Milly from Pearls and Poodles.  I absolutely loved reading her journey and inspiration for this lip gloss, and was absolutely over the moon when I won this in her blog give away!  Culminate was the only product that I really wanted to try from the collection, and it's lived up to, if not gone beyond my expectations!

Inspired by space, this is described as an "iridescent sheer metallic copper."  Swatching on my hand, I can definitely see the copper, but on my lips, I think it comes out quite peachy with added lilac, copper and silver fine glitter flecks.  Don't be afraid of the glitter; it's a really pretty effect, and really plumps out my lips to give them that fuller look and still feels smooth.

The gloss is applied with a brush, which I personally love because applying light pressure means that the brush fans out across your lip contours.  It's ridiculously easy to apply, and is also easily buildable.  I go for one quick gloss over, and this gives me the perfect amount of coverage and shimmer for my liking.  What's even better is the feeling.  Of course, there is some stickiness, but it's a bearable stick!  I can wear this quite easily without feeling like I need to wipe it straight off again.  It's a lip gloss that is actually enjoyable and comfortable to wear.

I think Culminate will be perfect for Spring/Summer wearing, and if you'd like to try it, I spotted Culminate in the Illamasqua sale for the bargain price of £5, but I'd be fast as it's sure to sell out!  This is a Limited Edition collection, but I really hope that Culminate sticks around!

Have you tried Culminate?  What's your favourite lip gloss?
*Illamasqua Culminate lip gloss was given to me as a prize through a giveaway hosted on Milly's blog, Pearls and Poodles.

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